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It’s that time of the year again, and we here at Aerandria like to celebrate it with tons of manga releases~ That’s why, starting today, we’ll be giving you two full weeks of manga releases. Yes, that’s two full weeks of non-stop releases~ Consider them your presents from Christmas to the New Years! The releases include various one-shots, long-standing series releases, and even releases from our much anticipated new series!

First up, we’d like to ask your help with the following~

  1. Editors – We need editors for various series full of bishie goodness~ Please apply~
  2. Chinese to English translators – We save several great series that need experienced Chinese translators!
  3. Alms, alms? Spare me a piece of bread?Spare me some mercy? Every little bit helps~
  4. Quality Checkers – We need people who know who to edit and proofread~

And we now start our massive releases~ Enjoy, everyone! ^______^

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*teary eyes* Thanks!

Thank you guys sooooooo much!
I finally finished my finals, so when I came here to catch up, I was really surprised to find such a lovely release.
Keep up the good work!

otsukare ~~

thank you for spoiling us with so many releases 😀

Thank you!! best.christmas.presents.ever!! 😀

uwwwaaaaahhh too much……………… i can’t click ‘download’ fast enough and my eyes can’t read these scanlations quickly enough…… man i’m gonna be enjoying a whole month with this batch of releases… XD thanks a bunch, my lovely bunnies~

WOW! So many releases! Thank you for your hard work guys! Really appreciate it since we are all still in the New Year & festive mood yet you guys did so much work! A big thank you from a bishie loving fan girl here~

Yay Hapi Mari & a new one from Kaori Yuki sensei! Thanks Aerandria!

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