Happy Birthday, Adrift!


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The title says it all — Happy Birthday, Ad! We hope you had a wonderful birthday ^_^ (For those who don’t know who she is, Ad is our super awesome QCer/dirt-exterminater/midtone-saver/Lacaille’s Kuma-chan/true master of Aerandria.) On this special day, we have two chapters especially for you, but before that, here are some birthday messages from everyone <3

  • craxx: I should bully her more.. instead she’s bullying me… Happy 81st Birthday! Ad! oops.. 18th *narrow eyes*…. Best of Wishes in purifying those ebil midtones years years years ahead >D
  • jojo_da_crow: Happy Birthday Ad! I hope it’s a good one!
  • Daffyd: hand reaches out to hand–hearts are mended
    lips speak gentle words–lives are ennobled
    eyes see the truth–all are uplifted
    all this begins as the candles are blown out
  • isengaurd: /me hugs Adrift. Happy 18th sweetheart. Glad you are with us. And thank you for all the support and encouragement while teaching me to edit. You’re an awesome sensei!!
  • Asa: Happy Birthday, Master Ad orz orz orz orz orz Joking aside, I’m really glad to have gotten to know you ^_^ *shoots self for tacky birthday message* *cough*ThoughI’mstillscaredofyousometimes*cough*

On a random note: Good luck to everyone who’s having midterms and finals (: *sends a care package to kuinni*

To the releases!

  1. Kamisama Hajimemashita – chapter 6. Tomoe, Tomoe, Tomoe *__*
  2. Billion Princess – chapter 7. I’m speechless. Who would have thought…

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how could i miss master ad’s birthday?! X(

very belated happy birthday, master!!! /bows profusely

i will accept any and all punishment made to me… D:

Happy birthday :)

Thanks for the releases! I was anticipating the next chapter of KH and now it’s here, YAY!

Happy Birthday!
And thank u 4 the gr8 jod that u do^_^
“Que os deuses te iluminem”
All gods bless u ^^

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. :D.

Happy Birthday Adrift! Thank you for all your hard work (Aerandria staffs) for the goodies.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AD!!!! I’m thankful to everyone that is in Aerandria… I love Aerandria! So please don’t stop doing a great job because it always make me so happy!!

Thank You! + happy birthday adrify

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