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It seems the staff still had a hangover from the holidays and mass releases we just did so all you could hear from the staff room is silence punctuated with random groans. And no, that’s not just because of the tequila! (though we need to remind a pregnant craxx of that…) And here I am with the cold because of the strange weather. *sniffs* Is it also freezing where you are?

As always, staff recruitment! Please consider applying to join our staff so you can get your favorite releases faster~

  • Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series.
  • Experienced Chinese to English translators
  • Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Experienced Quality Checkers – You must have editing experience~
  • Manga and magazine scanners~ Suggestions on new titles are welcome~ Please let us know~

On to the releases~

  • Babylonia no Shishi chapter 2 – Is this what ancient priestesses did in the old days? :O And if you want more of it, come to Penguiniel!
  • Tamashizume chapter 11 – One more chapter to go~ Want a sneak peak in it? Come here~
  • Dokuhime chapter 29 – The players in this political chess game are already making their moves…
  • Toukei Ibun chapter 3a and 3b – Hurry! Cuddle up with someone! Horror stories are always fun while cuddling~ XD
  • Koi to Gunkan chapter 2 – Oyaji love~ <3 We also made an extra page for you guys~
  • Xia Ke Xing chapter 7 – And we just keep feeding your bishie fix~
  • Kaizoku to Ningyo chapter 10 – Slashy shoujo anyone? XD

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Hello!! Thank you so much for this time releases although you are sick , is really appreciated!! thanks
and here where I live the weather is sunny and sometimes is cloudy I like it !
Im from Mexico so I can get all the tequila I want yuup
I hope you get well soon !!

Oh man, I love tequila too, so I totally understand. Get yourselves some kimchijigae and kick that hangover’s ass! Here in Seattle, the weather is so mild it’s practically spring, but I was raised in Chicago where the temps could go below zero. I’m probably homesick (and have lost my mind) but I kinda miss trudging through at least a foot of snow and having my face cut up by the knife-cold wind!

Hope you guys get well soon :), thanks for the releases!

Kaiziku to ningyou super thank you very much

Dokuhime and Toukei Ibun and Koi to Gunkan? Where can I send the tequila you guys are clearly amazing even hung-over and sick! (Hope you get some sun soon though)

That is one cute penguin gif. ^_^
BTW – thanks for the releases.

Aeran… welcome to another year… ‘been loving your work for many years, and will continue to support you with lots of fan love. <3
Thanks for all the good times.

whoo hoo! thank you for these – I can count on you introducing me to interesting things.

Thanks aerandria for the doku hime release! It’s not freezing in here, but is cold at night

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