Halloween Treats


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We’ve managed to get a whole bunch of releases before Halloween!!! We had to work some extra time for this because we have upcoming holidays here in our country on November 1 and 2, All Saints Day and All Souls Day, respectively. So here you go, a bunch of releases before we go on holiday!

We’ve got Ludwig Kakumei chapter 7, entitled the Frog Prince and Iron Heindrich and it features Ludwig in his cutest form ever; a frog! Suffice it to say that several staffers wanted to hug this chapter to death. ^^

And we’ve got back to back releases for chapter 2 and chapter 3 for Full House Kiss! Welcome Faye to the staff as our new editor! The above chapters feature how Mugi-chan goes about looking for clues on her sister’s whereabouts.

That’s about it! Enjoy the releases and Happy Halloween, everyone!

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thanks for these releases! full house kiss is an awesome series so far :) happy halloween!

Thank you!!!!! <3

& Happi Halloween ^^

I got cut off in the other post >.<

But anyways…welcome to the staff Faye!!! It’s nice to meet a fellow editor! *GLOMP*

Happy Halloween!!! *currently taking a peak*

Full House Kiss is the luffles!!!!

Hahaha, this is the best present I could receive \o/

Happy Halloween and happy b-day for me X3~

Thanks for the releases :mrgreen:

Happy halloweeeeen, and thanks for ludwig.

Happy Halloween! Thank you so much for these releases! You are great, keep it up! 😆

Wow. What a great halloween. ^_~

Thanks for the release!! I really like Full house kiss!! 😛 Also thanks to all the staff too and a Happy Halloween!! :mrgreen:

Thank you for the releases! *giggles* Wow, a Phoenix Wright reference…

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