Guess who? (Part two)


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I was walking down the street the other day when I was suddenly headbutted from behind. While I was trying to get up after the sudden blow, a bunch of people in black suits appeared out of nowhere and surrounded me with pitchforks, buster swords, mop swords, claws, whips, and all kinds of (un)imaginable weapons. Without a single word, they tied me up, put me into a boat, and took me to a place called Misfit Island. There, I was put into a cave with stacks of scanned manga volumes, and I was told to translate them all in time for some sort of anniversary if I wanted to go back safe and sound. The chocolate cakes and the brownies were the only things that kept me going.

(Lacaille: Just tell them the truth, Asa)
(Me: But I want a dramatic reappearance ;_;)

Anyhow, I guess that means I’m back (: Actually, I’ve always been around since my last post here a few months ago–I was just too busy with real life that I could only act as a part-time staffer and help out here and there. But now that summer has started, my schedule has cleared up a little bit, and I can spend more time on Aerandria again ^_^ And without further ado, here are my coming-back gifts~

  1. Ibara no Majutsushi – Another great oneshot from Fujitsuka Yuki, the creator of Kingyo Sou! Have we mentioned that we’re going to stalk this author?
  2. Akaku Saku Koe chapter 10 – Two more chapters to go and beware of going “kyaaaa!” all over this chapter. ^^
  3. Zero no Soukoushi – A whole volume of Kaori Yuki-ness!!!
  4. Bitter Trap – A very sweet one-shot from Takagi Shigeyoshi!
  5. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 12 – More sweetness and jealousies abound! Also, please read our current Hachimitsu no Hana news!
  6. Gar to Oujisama – I… I… Well, we’ll leave you guys to decide on what to think of this one-shot. XD
  7. Blue Ramun chapter 14 – Cliffhanger alert!
  8. Midnight Secretary volume 7 extra story – And with this chapter, we officially stamp the Complete tag on the MS series! This is so far the longest series that we’ve ever done. Phew! Please read Mari’s special message for all of you fans. ^^
  9. Kindan no Koi de Ikou volume 9 – A whole new volume of smut and another Ohmi Tomu title!!! Just one more volume and we’re done with this series too~
  10. And to end the June batch of releases, TWO smut chapters! \o/ Hapi Mari chapter 5 – The president goes out with another girl while a male employee puts the moves on Chiwa!
  11. Blanc Marie – A Yoshihara Yuki one-shot and as is expected, very funny and sweet~

Now excuse us while we catch up on some sleep… finally~

Lacaille: Some people really think I’m a stuffed teddy bear?! XDDD

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Asahina has free time.

Asahina had free time…because she has now been enslaved by the Aerandria staff on the behalf of us poor manga-starved, manga-greedy readers, but she is happily enslaved, right? XD

So great Asahina is working at Aerandria for the summertime, thanks for all your releases so far and the news of Hachimitsu and your future releases work. Thanks, thanks, thanks, Asahina and the rest of the hardworking Aerandria crew!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

I’ve always been a lurker and an avid fan of the Lacaille-Asahina team in Aerandria.

I was so sad to see both of you retire that I seldom visited the site but now, its a nice surprise to see that both of you managed to return. :)

*huggles both of you*

thank you so much! you guys are amazing, i love aerandria so much.
keep up the amazing work, it’s very much appreciated.

Uwah, yay! Thanks for the latest releases! <333

Thank you so much for these releases. I always check back every day in case I’ve missed something, because I always enjoy these releases so much. You guys work very hard and I am so grateful for all of the time and effort you put into these releases. The quality is always top-notch. :3

I <3 you guys.

Lacaille is a stuff teddy bear, the evil mastermind behind the curtain of its all!!! *runs to the biggest toy store to look for Lacaille’s model* not this one, not THIS one either…

your storytelling skills are phenomenal!
thank you so much for the ALL THE AWESOME releases!! love you guys! 😀

Guess what? All the releases are so good, I like reading them. Thanks *^0^*

uwaaa, thanks for all the releases last month =D!!

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