Guess Who? And it’s June again!


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The staff has been lifting rocks and chasing tumbleweeds in this barren wasteland trying to look for staff. They sweated endlessly, gave endless sacrifices and shed countless tears to find help but to no avail. In their desperation they lifted their faces to the sky and wailed their agony towards the heavens. It was unjust, they said. It was pure torture. It seemed all hope was lost.

And when they thought their pleas would go unanswered, a shining light appeared from above and divine music could be heard. It seemed even the air itself shimmered and the staffers watching shivered in anticipation. A being descended from the sky and with her magnificent voice said to the awed staffers:

“OK. But where’s my chocolate?! >O”

Guess who’s back~? XDDDD

OK, so my comeback wasn’t as dramatic as that. But that sure was more interesting to write about than the truth, which is that my job has finally settled down and I can help out the staff once more. Not in such a workaholic mode as before but at least I can still be a full-time staffer. ^^ Some rabid fangirls even got a whiff of my comeback the past couple of days… >.> I may have to issue a protection order to keep them from stalking me though… XD

So what does my comeback mean to all of you? It’s June already, and that means it’s Aerandria’s anniversary month! Aerandria is turning two years old!!! What do we have in store for you? A release for every single day of June~ And some more goodies on our anniversary on June 10th! o/ Don’t you just love us? XD Now give us some love~ <3 MANY, MANY, MANY thanks to all our staffers who've worked tirelessly and made all of these possible. We couldn't have gone these two whole years without you~ And many thanks to our supporters and -coughstalkerscough- for your endless encouragement! Did you guys know we've passed our 700th chapter released?! WHOOO~ But we still need staffers! Especially editors and quality checkers! I’m the only full-time QC right now so… I need help! >.> Please join our staff!

On to the releases~

  1. Koizora chapter 15 – Well, it’s about time, Mika! About time! o/
  2. Non-chan to Watashi – a very cute one-shot from the creator of Shuukatsu!
  3. Kurobara Alice chapter 3 – More vampires, deaths, suspense and cliffhangers! This one is for claymaven and her love for dark bishies. XD
  4. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 6 – I just have to say that Sakura picked the worst possible time to fall in love with a guy! >.>
  5. Blue Ramun chapter 13 – And we’re almost done! o/ I… I… hope there’s a confession~ <3
  6. Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 9 – What?! An engagement?! :O This one’s for the poking staff namely jojo, craxx and CassiusOS, the #1 Akagami fanboy. ^^ NOW will you guys leave me alone? XD
  7. Shoujo Shuutome no Yuuutsu – Awwww! Soooo cuuute ^^
  8. Midnight Secretary chapter 34 – And the long-awaited chapter is here! *covers ears to tune out the screams*
  9. Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare chapter 3 – I… I… LOVE this series~

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NOOOOOOOO! I actuaally yelped when I saw whiach one it was today.
you know us too well. I hope you are not deaf now.

welcome back Lacaille!! I/WE MISS YOU!!! XD
i just read the last chapter of MS, I’m satisfied of the ending though not that satisfied since I want to see their baby!! XD

I hope the author will make a sequel soon..featuring the growth of their child XD

Thank you very much for all the efforts you’ve made and I congratulate your becoming 2 years old this june!!

more Blessings may come to you…

I noticed that most of your posts (every post) got 100+comments sometimes 300+, and take note, almost all of the posts are from different individuals…compare to others I’ve visited…it only shows HOW PoPuLaR your Scanlation group ey? XD Everyday release? wow as wow XD I’ll need to go here often XD 😯 😆

OMG I can’t imagine the screams and will the site or the chan collapse?

Answer at the next episode.

OMG IT ENDED! What will I do now with my life????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KYAAAAAAAAAAAA Jumps off a bridge

*sigh* feeling gone.

Omg I can’t believe it ended already TT.TT

Thank you so much guys! It’s been good work


OMG, YAY! IT’S THE LAST CHAPTER OF MS!!! <333 Thank you so much! I love you guys~~~~ <3333

Happy Anniversary! aerandria rocks… thanks for the releases. you guys do a Really really great job scanlating. and of course, have great taste in manga 😉

KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ust finished reading the last chap of ms. i like how it ends its just that i will be forever wondering about their child! haha oh well… still love it. AND NOW im excited for the story of marika! xD

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! << after a few hours of re-reading the chap)
KYAAAAAAAAAH!!! it’s finished! nooh! i’ll no longer get my MS dose! no more hot steamy sex moments!! the chap was great ( wish there was some smut in it *smirk*) i luv ya guys for doing this project it was my fav of all ur projects!!

i think midnight secretary is your most famous project :) THANKS FOR SCANNING THIS SERIES ♥♥♥


kyah! kyah! kyah!

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