Great Weekend!


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We got another batch of releases to tide you guys over the weekend. Aren’t the staffers awesome? *claps, claps*

We have Gekka no Kimi chapter 15 for today and a new series, Shibariya Komachi chapter 1a! Obviously, I’m really into supernatural/fantasy titles. ^^ Many thanks to Razril, Kyra and our new editor, Poko, for these releases!

Also for Release today is chapter 4 of Mademoiselle Butterfly, a joint with the wonderful people at SMM! That finishes the story for volume 1, so we’ll be on to volume two next time! Whoo!

We’re also looking for more japanese to english translators and more support for our manga titles. ^^ Comment, people! They inspire us to work harder. X3

Enjoy the releases and have a great weekend everyone!

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Your two recent new titles look good . :smile:
I looked at the first page of Shibaryia Komachi and immediately thought, “this style of drawing looks like Her Majesty’s Dog.” So I checked and they are done by the same person. ^^

Mmm, I love comedy, fantasy/supernatural, romance, action, cute…pretty open to genres – it’s even better with combinations and good plot. As long as we don’t have a pitiful heroine…

I’m looking forward to reading more although with school going on it’ll probably be slower (not that I mind).
Great work, thank-you!

Thank you sooo much for the releases, it makes me really happpy since its the weekend after finals so yay!!!!!!!!!!!! :]
looking forward to reading the new series

Yay! I love the Supernatural/Fantasy genre, too! I think I picked Romance and Fantasy for the poll options.

I definitely want to check out the new series. Thank you guys so much for such high-quality, fast and amazing releases! I can’t imagine how you do it, but I know that I, and so many other people, respect you a lot for it. Thank you so much!

Yay! New release!!! Thanks for your hard work! You guys are incredible!
I’m loving Shibariya Komachi so far and omg Mademoiselle Butterfly chapter 4 was so sad T__T.

love love love gekka no kimi
as always keep up the hard work aerandria staff 😀 !!!

waahh!! thank you for more mademoiselle butterfly and for the new series!!

wah the new series looks amazing! thanks, guys! :)


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people here who love the supernatural/fantasy genre. I do. =3

Thanks for all of your hard work! =DDD


Lovin’ the new series! I’m trying to resist the urge from buying the whole series out at my honya. Help~ >_<;;

many thanx for Gekka no Kimi… luvs it very much and thank you 4 continuing it 😎

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