Great Weekend!


Posted by Lacaille | Posted in Manga Release, Release Log, Updates | Posted on 19-01-2008


We got another batch of releases to tide you guys over the weekend. Aren’t the staffers awesome? *claps, claps*

We have Gekka no Kimi chapter 15 for today and a new series, Shibariya Komachi chapter 1a! Obviously, I’m really into supernatural/fantasy titles. ^^ Many thanks to Razril, Kyra and our new editor, Poko, for these releases!

Also for Release today is chapter 4 of Mademoiselle Butterfly, a joint with the wonderful people at SMM! That finishes the story for volume 1, so we’ll be on to volume two next time! Whoo!

We’re also looking for more japanese to english translators and more support for our manga titles. ^^ Comment, people! They inspire us to work harder. X3

Enjoy the releases and have a great weekend everyone!

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Thanks for the releases. The new series looks really interesting 😀

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