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Weekend releases again this time. But first though, we’ve just passed our 300th release again! Whoohoo! Thank you everyone for making all our 300 chapters released possible! \o/ In return we have MORE releases for you today plus some important announcements.

The release for today is a double release of Midnight Secretary! What a way to start your weekend, ne? We have chapters 17 and 18 ready for release! The releases have a special spoof image from Akaku Saku Koe done by Adrift. XD Also, volume four has just been released in Japan last July 10th! \o/ To celebrate, below is a picture of the cover and the summary from the volume’s back cover translated by our MS translator, Mari.

Midnight Secretary Volume 4

Shocking new developments in volume four! Kaya quits TOUMA and ERDE and becomes a model! President Takasu takes her place as Kyouhei’s new Midnight Secretary! Follow the development of the drama of the two presidents desperately in love!

But of course, we’re kidding. ^^

Call it our payback for all those of you who do not read our full updates. We bet you’ll think twice before skipping on our updates next time. That, and we just wanted to hear the agonized screams of the fangirls and boys. >DD

On to the announcements:

  1. EDITORS!!! We still need experienced Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro editors (or any graphics program, for that matter). Please click here to see what exactly an editor does and then just head on over to Contact us to apply. Please only apply if you have time and can make a commitment with us with your editing.
  2. BUT if you have commitment issues and would rather not commit to editing an entire series, we still need part-time editors for one-shot stories. Meaning only one-chapter stories. Again, contact us.
  3. As of this month, it’s been one year since any chapter of Akuma to Dolce was released. Chapter 8 was released last July 25, 2007 and no chapters have been released since then. Another hiatus? Maybe. Let’s see if there’s a new chapter next month. >.>
  4. We’re getting quite fond of volume releases so as of this moment, we’ll be doing only volume releases for all titles that are only one volume long. Usually the flow of the projects would be Future > Upcoming > Current > Completed. But now, we’ll just do Future > Upcoming > Completed, again for one-volume titles ONLY.
  5. Also, our English proofreader, Jenn Fang is going on a long hiatus in order to concentrate on her college applications and studies for a while. What does that mean? It means we have an opening for one English Proofreader. If you are proficient in the English language, can follow instructions, and can handle at least two 50-page chapters per day, we want you! Go and apply via our Contact Form. Note that proofreaders DO NOT CHOOSE what projects they’ll be working on. They proofread whatever needs proofreading.

Donators, please go to the Forum for your direct download links of these chapters. If you’ve donated and haven’t registered in the forum yet, please do so and Contact us and state the email you used to donate plus your username in the forum.

Lacaille’s useless random comment: Kaya talks about her ass in these chapters! Whoa! XD

That’s about it. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! We’ll go take a nap again now. XD

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Thank you soo much for MS!!! I love this series and it feels like forever since new chapters came out, but then you you guys give us 2!!! Love you guys!!!

I fell for it. Hook, line, & sinker. I’m guilty of speed reading and read it fast enough that I missed the part where Takasu took Kaya’s place. (I was too stunned by the thought of Kaya becoming a model. No excuse, I know, but it’s the truth.)

LOL the moment i read that takasu and kyohei were in an illicit love affair i went LIES~~ all LIES ~~ xD
i knew it couldn’t be true 😛
but i wouldn’t mind a little shounen-ai here and there 😳
thanks for the updates~! really really love aerandria
you guys are the best, keep it up! :)

A bit sadistic aren’t you? I thought it strange that you were spoiling your own project. When I realized it was a joke, I had a good laugh. You have a good imagination! ^^. Thanx for that wonderfull release, MS is really the best. I can’t wait to read the following!!

haha thank god i always read the whole post …

thx a lot for the releases.. you surely rock <3

lol…you should have seen my face as I read that president Takasu will replace her as Midnight Secretary… 😯 My thought then: is this going to turn into shonen-ai? lol… Thanks a lot for the new releases! You guys are amazing ❗ :mrgreen:

You Evil Bastages! (Yes, yes, I steal freely from DC comics not-quite-cussing-vocabulary.) The Cover is pretty, and I was expecting the pair of them to start really fighting it out soon – two dogs, one bone sort of thing – so it’s appropriate. I almost choked to death on a chicken nugget when I fell off the chair laughing at that “summary”. Pure Evil.

And I got suckered again for not reading the entire post :mrgreen:

My, that’s some new interesting developement for MS. Thank you for all your hard work with the releases.

lol thats alot of updates…with a twist. 😀 Thank you for all your hardwork.. *hugs*

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