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As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, Lacaille is having some problems with her job right now, and it turned out that she will have to quit scanlating completely ;_; Thanks for all of your hard work up until now, Lacaille. We will miss you a lot T.T Please come back to visit us every now and then ToT Everyone, please say your goodbye to Lacaille TT_____TT

On another note, Aerandria won’t be the same without Lacaille … so I think it’s better for me to move on and leave Aerandria. It was fun while it lasted here, and I’m proud to have been a member of Aerandria. It’s a great group! Please don’t stop enjoying our releases just because Lacaille and I aren’t here anymore. We love you, Lacaille! Aerandria will always have a special place in my heart. <3 We are still discussing about who will take the lead next. Notice to all staffers: if you are in direct contact with Lacaille, please continue to send your works to her, and she will forward all the emails to the next group leader. Thank you (: We still need quality checkers. Please be aware that as a quality checker, you will be asked to fix the PSD files in case there are editing mistakes in addition to correcting spelling/grammatical/structural mistakes. Photoshop is required. We also welcome editors, cleaners, typesetters, cloning ninja, and Japanese translators ^_^ Any help is greatly appreciated. Please see our Wanted page for more details.

On to the releases:

  1. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan – chapter 5. More Kaori Yuki goodness for you Kaori Yuki fans (:
  2. Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! – chapter 6. And more madness.
  3. Chou yo Hana yo – volume 5. More smut…
  4. Uroboros’s Circle – volume 2 chapters 3-4. And a bit of horror.

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O.O How is Aerandria still Aerandria without you guys? You will be missed.

Oh… Oh… This makes me kind of sad… );

But still best of luck to you two! Please still drop by now and then to say hi!

It doesn’t even feel like Aerandria anymore … T___T …
But thanks for all your hard work in editing and translating ^^ (Asahina literally translates at the speed of light…)
You guys were awesome I and just hope that the rest of the team will be able to live without you, cause I’m already breaking apart… T___T

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND DO COME BACK NOW AND THEN, PLEASE? *hugs, kisses, cookies, whatever you want!*

Thank you for everything you’ve done. We’ll miss both of you. Take care.

Thanks for all the hardwork you did we really gna miss you two. aerandria will ever be the same without you !. So good luck and thanks again.T.T

Thanks for everything guys. I don’t think aerandria will ever be the same without you guys! Good luck on finding replacements (they’ve got big shoes to fill lol) :mrgreen:

I don’t know you both very much, but I really like Aerandria. A bit sad when hear of your goodbye. Thanks so much for all hard works, and good luck ^^.

i’m gonna deadly miss the two of you guys =) eventhough we never chat; you guys are the true leader of aerandria. hope for the best!

saa,, yume mimashou!

Thank you very much, Lacaille and Asahina for all your hard work.
We’ll wiss you very much!!

:throws tons of imaginary roses to lacaille&asahina :

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