Goodbye Sienna-sama…


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Yes, it’s true. The inevitable has come. We have finished Tokage Ouji today with the ninth chapter and final release.

*cries in the Corner of Woe*

Many, many, MANY thanks to the people who helped us along with this project. You guys are simply amazing. Asahina, Razril, Tii-chan, Mirai, silverwoulfe, mholic; thanks guys for helping me bring Tokage Ouji out there in the scanlation world.

For everyone who supported the series, we can’t thank you enough. Many thanks. *bows*

We will miss the Almighty P-O-M!

The release also contains an omake/sequel of sorts, with the characters in a present-day setting. We hope you enjoy that too.

Also, much love and appreciation for Terrill and Nikolaos for donating to Aerandria. Many thanks, guys. I’ll have a donators page up soon so we can give you proper credit. ^^ I’ll also have a list of manga volumes that need to be bought so you guys can be assured that your donations are used completely for buying the mangas we scanlate here. ^^

Now for the final part.

*goes to stamp Tokage Ouji with approval and move it in the Completed section*

Now go leech and have a smile on us! ^^

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I can’t believe it finished….tear. Thank you to everyone who worked on this wonderful project. You guys are the best!

Congratulations on finishing Tokage Ouji ! 😀 Last chap was soo sweet.. like the whole series ^.^ Thanks for doing this manga! :)

wow! finished another series! congrats! 😀

thanks a lot guys, you’re one of my favourites group (i had to ensure you with this 😉 and i guess, i’ll miss tokage ouji :)

thank you so much for your hard work!! this manga was relly cute!! thanks!

Ah, yay! Otsukaresama deshita!

Thank you for this series. It’s been so cute! I’m a little sad to see it end. ^^ Ah, now I want to find my own incredibly adorable lizard prince. XD Fufu…

Again, thank you very much!

Thanks for the wonderful work on this manga. :smile:

Awww… it’s over TT____TT Such a cute & sweet manga <3 Thank you for scanlating!

OMG. NOOOO IT has ended. I don’t want it to end…. SOB SOB. It was such a incredibly cute story…. TT_TT. But thanks you guys so very much for all your hard work on it.

congrats on finishing another series! :)

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