Goodbye Leo-sama~


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Yes, it has indeed come to an end. As the first release for our last batch of releases for this month, we bring you the last two chapters from the Beast Master series. *passes tissues to everyone and sniffs* We’ll miss our cute Leo-sama, with his little fangs and his cravings of pats on the head. It’s been such a joy working on this title and we’d like to thank each and everyone of the people who worked with us on this series. It was an amazing time. Let’s hope for more bishies and great titles to come! ^^ *stamps Beast Master onto the Completed Section*

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This week’s releases:

  1. Beast Master chapter 7 and Extra Story – Two great chapters of Beast Master! \o/ Also, please read the extra story! It’s 80 pages long but definitely worth the read!
  2. Tonari no Hijiri-kun – An entire volume release again! Many thanks to the great people of Shoujo Crusade for this joint project! ^^
  3. Ludwig Kakumei volume 1 (chapters 1-4) and chapter 13 – Release of the ENTIRE volume 1 plus chapter 13. Sorry for the delay on releases for this series. We decided to redo chapters 1-4 because chapters 13 onwards has a lot to do with the first few chapters of the series. So we suggest you read volume 1 first, then, read chapter 13. ^^
  4. Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 3 – If it wasn’t for the action, I’d swear this series was shoujo. XD
  5. Adarshan no Hanayome chapter 3 – It’s the chicken’s fault, I tell you! The chicken! ^^ Many thanks to Starry Heaven for their help on this joint!
  6. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen chapter 3 – Damn it, I LOVE this series! *__* Oh, and we only have one day left for the month of June~~~
  7. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 5
  8. Barairo my Honey chapters 7-8

Awww…. June is over… >.< Many thanks to the people who helped us with the releases for this month!~ And, can you guys count how many chapters we’ve released this month?

OK… I think on last count we’ve made 64 chapter releases for the month of June so far… \o/

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i cant wait you guys are awesome ily

What else can be said? You people ROCK!


mac :]

Ooops, I haven’t said it yet have I?

Hi, I just wanted to thank you whole heartedly for all the awesome June-releases and the following, too. Thank you so much for all the work you do! :smile:

Omg ! I can’t believe that you’ve done so many chapters :O! You guys are great :) Thank you so much for all your hard work and spending your precious time on giving us our daily manga :]~

Everybody’s really done a great job, 64 chapters is amazing. I think I chose the right scanslation-group to join, I only hope I can keep up…

Thanks for all ur hard work!!!

You’re seriously AWESOME!!! 😀

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