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We’re starting our week of releases again today for the Chinese New Year! I know we’re a day late but we had some technical difficulties so we got delayed! But the good thing is that we’re still releasing, right? So we want to ask everyone what your Chinese Zodiac is! Tell us! Mine is the Pirate Teddy Bear! That’s included… right? XD Well, it dang well should be!

We have a Facebook page! XDDD Now you guys can stalk us… and we can also stalk you back! XD

Also, please consider applying to join our staff so you can get your favorite releases faster~

  • Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series.
  • Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Manga and magazine scanners~ Suggestions on new titles are welcome~ Please let us know~

On to the releases~

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Thanks for the news release! Yumemiru Koto seems promising.
By the way, I’m a dragon! ^o^

Happy new year! I was born in the year of the rat. Squeak squeak!

Yay, yay for Ruri no Kaze ni Hana wa Nagareru. This is one of my favorite mangas, and this one was an interesting chapter, so thank you!
Happy Chinese New Year for those of you who celebrate it! My Chinese zodiac is snake, but unfortunately, except for the preferring quiet and peace bit, it doesn’t really fit me.

Thanks so much!
If i’m not wrong, mine is Rabbit(1987), but,from what i read, nothing fits me.

My sign is dog. Woof!
Thanks for the releases!

Happy Chinese New Year! Thanks for the release!
By the way i’m a dragon XD

happy lunar new year =D Thanks so much for the releases! unfortunately I’m a monkey =( I really don’t like monkeys in real life.

Rooster for me.

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year~!

My sign is the tiger, and it’s scarily accurate :3

Happy (belated) Lunar New Year!!!
thanks for the release and my chinese zodiac is the Horse (1990)^^
hope that you’ll have a nice day

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