Ghosts and Staffers


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We’re on a roll!!! Up for grabs today is Ghost Only Chapter 4! The story just gets better and better. *o* Give your applause to our editor mholic; this is her first chapter done for Aerandria. Great work, mholic! ^^

I’ve also fixed the downloads links so all downloads should be working perfectly now. But if you still have any problems, please Contact us.

Also, we’re looking for staffers in the forum: Moderators and uploaders who will help up expand the forum and add more mangas there. So if you’re interested, please drop us a line. We’re also open to comments and suggestions there.

P.S – Please give hugs. We like hugs. <3 Even pokes. We like pokes. We also like to know that we’re doing all these for living people.. who give comments. XDD

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*huGgLes* I love Ghost Only!!! Thank you!!!! *poKe poKe*

thanks for the new release! love all your projects! *hugs*

WOW ! Than you so much I love Ghost Only

AHH thank you! You guys are awesomeeeeee 😛 **HUGSSSS** …. and *pokes** lol =D

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