Ghostly Occurrence…


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I’ve recently heard some scratching noises in our family room. It usually happens when I am alone and online. Sometimes the noise seem to be coming from above me, sometimes behind me, and sometimes, even in front of me. I even thought our cat somehow got trapped in one of our closets and was trying to get out, but it wasn’t. The weird thing is whenever I stop what I’m doing to listen more closely, the noises stop. Last week the noises started up again… and that’s when I’ve heard a noise I didn’t think I would ever hear then…

The meowing of kittens.

It seems that a stray cat crept into the gap between our roof and ceiling and gave birth to her kittens there. This is the same shameless cat that’s been trying to cozy up to our male tabby, probably in hopes that we’ll adopt it. Fat chance. With our huge dog, it’s a certainty that she’ll just be another plaything to our dog. XD

And after that totally random story, we give you this week’s releases~ XD

  • Tamashizume Chapter 4 – Enter hottie #3.
  • Sono Te ha Atatakai – Another bishie to enjoy~
  • Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru Chapter 20 – Don’t read if you’re afraid of dolls… well, who isn’t?
  • Dokuhime Chapter 16 – Why does this series keep giving us bishies? WHY?! We already have Hal-dom, Kait-dom, Mao-dom fans fighting for their faves, you know! >O
  • Misora Chapter 10 – Sludge worms galore! But only on IRC!
  • Hapi Mari Chapter 20 – Babies!
  • Soleil – Since when did butlers have so much money? (Edit: Link is now fixed. Thank you for your patience.)
  • Mishounen Produce Chapter 10 – Clueless girls… clueless girls… XD

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>< It is the time of year for kittens… I volunteer in a low cost Spay & Neuter Clinic that will fix feral cats for 25$. Maybe there's a place like that near you? Other wise you'll be swimming in kittens before you know it… I should mention that cats can go back in heat as soon as their kittens are weaned and occasionally before. And male cats won't get that bad habit of peeing all over every thing if fixed early enough. They live longer lives too… Thanks for all the manga!

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