Ghost Wedding


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I can’t believe we’ve got another release for Ghost Only! ^_^ Many thanks to Asahina and Mholic for being to diligent with this! This time we have chapter 7 for Ghost Only. I have to say that this is by far the hardest chapter that I ever had to QC. Why? Because it had me laughing so much that I couldn’t stare at the page without laughing, much less QC! ^^

This time the Ghost Only restaurant is performing a wedding for a dead couple. Guess who will be the ones the ghost couple will possess in order to get through the wedding? ^_^ An interesting side of Ren-chan the manager comes up! Also, Ema-chan admits her feelings. Definitely a chapter you shouldn’t miss!

Enjoy reading, everyone!

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Thanks for the release! Keep going with the great work, guys! \o/

awesomeness!!! yay for ghost only! omg! such a cute chapter! thanks for all the hard work!!! <3 <3 <3

YES!! thanks so much for the new chapter~ I just love this manga :mrgreen:

😛 yay for the new chap thanx for the new release

thanks so much for this new chapter of ghost only!!!

Yay thanks for another chapter released 😮

Kyaaaa!! Luffles!!!

(\(^O^)/) Another release!! Thank you to the staff! =]

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