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We just keep giving you more great mangas, don’t we? ^_^ Our release for today is chapter 6 of Ghost Only, which is not only the last chapter for the first volume, but also Aerandria’s 50th release!!!


Many thanks to everyone who helped us make those releases, the staff, and all the supporters who comment tirelessly about our work. Thank you!

Mirai is currently working on a new credits page for Aerandria, since we’ve decided that we’ll change credits page every 50 releases, as a sort of landmark for us. Watch out for that!

I’ve recently got a new shipment of brand new manga titles that we’re sure you’ll enjoy! So more new manga projects means….

We’re currently in need of more editors! Yes, EDITORS! And more japanese translators! Please help us bring you more releases by Joining our Staff or referring a friend of yours to us! We have free perks! Like free chicken nuggets, insanity, glomps and few drinks of cyber Aquarius! ^^

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CONGRATULATIONS…. i like the project that you realese it

Omedetou Aerandria~~~<3

CONGRATULATIONS !!!! \o/ Yeeei, and I love Ghost Only! *o*~

Congratulations on 50 releases!thanks so much for your hard work!!

Congratulations on 50 releases! what an accomplishment! Way to go. ^^

congrats!!! thanks so much for the new chapter! and i hope you guys make it to your 100th release and then your 150th and 200th, 250th, 300th … :3

Congratulations on the 50th release! ^^

thanks for the chapter!!!

Congratz Aerandria Scans! Thanks for scanlating so quick! =]

You guys are slowly becoming one of my favorite groups! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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