Ghost Only Chapter 001


Posted by Tii-chan | Posted in Manga Release, Updates | Posted on 22-06-2007

Sige! We’re releasing Ghost Only Chapter 001! I think this is one of my better editing jobs so I hope y’all enjoy it to the fullest! =P

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It’s a very promising and sweet project. :) I love the characters like the manager and the chef! I hope you can find more people to help you out on your projects. Thank you for scanlating this. :)

Thank you so much for this release! Love it! Thanks for your hard job, keep it up!!

yay! new wonderful poject! thank you for your hard work :)

Arigatou gozaimasu!! ^__^

Thanks for the release.! xD I really enjoy reading the manga you guys scanlate.! =^__^=

Thanks a bunch! You’ve got some fun projects picked out ^^ I enjoyed this first chapter a lot!

yay! thnanks for releasing the first ch. of ghost only! (^___^)/

This manga looks pretty interesting. ^^ Thanks for the whole team in scanlating the first chapter of a new manga series. Please keep up the great work. ^^

And Tii-chan, you are already doing a good job at editing and I hope you will continue at it. ^^

Great work, Tii-chan, as always! ^_^

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