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Posted by Tii-chan | Posted in Manga Release, Updates | Posted on 10-06-2007

All right! We’re releasing Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume Chapter 001 today! Although it’s a day late, it’s still our very first release, right? ^-^

I don’t know how to direct link it yet so you guys will have to download it from divshare until Lacaille explains it in more detail to me. She explained it once but I was too stupid to understand…T-T

I hope y’all enjoy it though! =D

EDIT: Okay, I was just laughed at by one of my friends (that poohead) so I’m gonna explain what I meant. When I said “direct link” I meant “direct download” as in you guys can download directly from Aerandria without having to go to another site to do so.

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Thanks for this release! Great job, keep it up!!

^_^ It’s probably because I got us listed in Manganews already ^_^

But really? 500 downloads in one day? *in awe*

O.O Wow… 500 downloads in one day… Is this normal? Or am I just being a gawking noob?

Congarts on your first release! I love your layout for your site ^_^ Good luck with future releases! I’ll be looking forward to them!

Congratulations on the team’s first release. ^^ You guys did a beautiful job on it. Please keep up the great work. ^^

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