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Finally! We’ve got the next installment for Ludwig Kakumei here! Many thanks to the staff who helped us release this, but most especially to Marcella who worked on this release despite school horrors, and weekend allergies and laryngitis. You are our new hero, Marcella! *gives Marcella lots of stuff toys and healing juice*

Another release is the first story (and first version) of Shounen Chuudoku which is a joint with Enchantment Scans. It’s a joy working with them, so go and read the first chapter of our joint efforts. ^^

Yes, we’re still looking for translator and scanlation editors who want to help us out with faster releases. Come and join us! We don’t bite and we give away free chicken nuggets and coconuts! Many thanks to Arginine and mholic for populating our Manga Downloads forum. Go there and and download endless manga!

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=] Thanks everyone for the food, stuffed animals, and the love, especially the turkey *drools*

Thank for the release. Funny manga as always.

yay!!!! thank you so much for the new ludwig!! *does a little fangirl squeal* and thank you marcella and the rest of the staff for releasing such an awesome manga! *huGgLes!!!* thank you for your hard work!

Stuffed toys – Mwuah!! Glomps and lots of love to my fellow editor Marcella!!! GLOMP!!!

Wow, release after release – you guys are on a roll! 😀 Way to go for the whole team.

She was sick last weekend…. and I gave her stuff toys to cheer her up!! I don’t see anything wrong with it! ^^

Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Our editors are the best!!!

Mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!

And Licorne, you’re just giving stuff toys and healing juice to a sick editor?! How could you?! *places stuffed turkey on the table*

There! It’s all yours!

I love you, Marcella. <3333333
I love you dearly.
I love you like I love coconuts (which I love a lot).
I love you like candy.
I love you like whoaz.

I lurbleburblesz j00~<3333333

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