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The Smut Lovers are going to worship us… I just know it.. ^^

The release for today is chapter 3 of Midnight Secretary. *steps aside as the rampaging fangirls race to the downloads* Um, well. *dusts self after the rampage* Go thank Sakiera for the REALLY fast editing, that took her less than a week! Wow. So if you want to adore someone, adore her. ^o^ An early Christmas present, ne?

All right. Call us comment hogs, but we want comments!!! We see 2000+ downloads for a single release in the first 24 hours and not one comment?!? For shame, people! >D

Also, the long-awaited release of chapter 1 of Beast Master. We were supposed to release this more than a month ago, but.. well… a lot of things happened so it’ll only be seeing the light of day today. But no worries, starting from chapter 2, it’ll be a joint project! Which means, faster releases! Rejoice! \o/ And no, he’s not the younger brother of L from Death Note. ^^”

Our joint with Enchantment Scans, Shounen Chuudoku chapter 2 has just been released too! ^^ Go check it out!

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@ kcnguyen: “Not as smutty as expected”?! Just wait till we get to the 2nd volume…. XDDD smmuttiness galore….

for the release , also midnight secretary (not as smutty as expected) xD
many many many thanks to Sakiera for the fast and excellent editing
real HQ stuff here at aerandria , very much appreciated πŸ˜‰

thank you so much for this great release !! really, you did a great work!! :smile:

Oooeee! Just found this great site! Love Midnight Secretary and many thanks to Sakiera-san and all you fabulous pple for the scans! <3

Thx so much for your releases and your hard work.
Luv you guys!!!

You guys are on a roll!!! Shonen out too!! Too bad I just came to work. Now I have to wait 7 hours before I can get off work, go home, finish chores, before downloading this latest.

DARNations… T_T

Did I give my thanks yet? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

“And no, heÒ€ℒs not the younger brother of L from Death Note.”

HAHA. Never thought of the similarities until I saw this. XD THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!!! =3

Thanks so much for your releases! Done so quickly and so well! Thank you very much. Especially for Midnight Secretary.. heehee…

great releases, guys :) thanks so much for your work! πŸ˜€

30 comments… 😯 *falls over*

No problem guys, ice storms kept me locked in for a few days.

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