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It’s my favorite month once again~ I always get nostalgic whenever September comes in. Probably because it’s the start of the -Ber months and that means that Christmas is just around the corner! XD What? Even various stores here start playing Christmas songs as soon as September comes.

Since we’ve mentioned the season of giving, we’re still looking for Editors and Quality Checkers who want to help us with releases and join us in kidnapping all the bishies we can. >D Please head on over to our Contact page to send in your craziness applications.

Anyway, to celebrate, here are a bunch of releases for you guys~ Enjoy!

  • Mishounen Produce chapter 12 – Devious bishie! Yum~
  • Dokuhime chapter 18 – Do we smell a gothic love story here? *__*
  • Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 22 – craxx: I’m loving the butler! XDDD
  • Hapi Mari chapter 27 – At any rate, please! For the love of the smut-god.
  • Full House Kiss chapter 22 and extra – Joint with the people at Evil Flowers. Many thanks to them.
  • Kami Sonata Oneshot – Awww…~ delinquents=MOE!
  • Blood Hound chapter 5 – Kaori Yuki. What more I can say? XD

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Thank you very much for these two new releases!

O_O two of my favorite series got releases! Thank you so much~~

thnk u so much !!! i’m in love with dokuhimeeee *_*

Thank you!

I love Christmas! Specially the decorations!

Thank you for the releases!

OMGGG Mishounen Produce AND Dokuhime at the same time!!! My life is so fulfilled, thank you so much!! *anticipating for Kurobara Alice* <3333

Yaay! My day has been made by another Mishounen Produce chapter. Thank you for all your hard work! 😀

Come on Kousei, just confess already! Or your princess will be swept off with another man. ;D

Yeah, September is a great month and not only because I can celebrate my birthday. 😀 It is also the start of a new season with its own beauty like the leaves which change their color and shine bright from yellow over orange to red and brown.

Thanks for the new release. As always you guys did a wonderful job.

I love the -ber months! Not because of Christmas, though I do love the songs. I’m a Thanksgiving kinda girl (I enjoy stuffing my face, of course) and my birthday is in the -ber months! XD

lol Thank you for the hard work!

Are you kidding?! I start singing Christmas songs in June…ha ha ha ha. I LOVE Christmas 😀

Thanks so much for the hard work and beautious releases.

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