Fantastic News!


Posted by Tii-chan | Posted in Updates | Posted on 07-06-2007

Yeah, that’s right FANTASTIC news. Not good, not great, fantastic! xDD

CandyBaby is almost done QCing Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume so our very first release is going to be either tomorrow or saturday! AND there’s only a few pages left to be edited of Mind Game then it just has to be QCed so it should be out about a week after SKS! (Keep in mind though that this schedule may vary depending on our exam schedules T-T Wish us luck though!)

Lastly, Lacaille is getting in a shipment of around 10 TITLES of manga for Aerandria! If you know any jap translators or editors out there please point them in our direction! We’re gonna need all the people we can get our hands on!

EDIT: Hehehe! I just made this. It’s not perfect since I did it on the spot but it’s cute, huh? =D It’s to go in our releases. ^-^
Ai Hime- Ai to Himegoto

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