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*yawn* Between heavy workloads and endless exams, it’s a miracle we still find time to have releases for this week. Heaven knows we all need more sleep. ^^ So many thanks to the staffers who helped me with the various releases for this week.

And yes, it’s Once a Day Release week again. Aren’t you guys just SO spoiled? XD

  1. Kindan no Koi de Ikou chapter 9 – Yes, a smut release to start off your weekend. This means temporary respite from all the smut fanboys poking me. \o/ I had to be SOOO sneaky while QCing this chapter…. I couldn’t QC it at work.. too much smut… ^^”
  2. M.C. Law chapter 3.1 – It’s been a while. ^^ And don’t ask me about the weird chapter number. Blame the author. XD
  3. Honey Hunt chapter 6 – We’re unto volume 2 now! \o/
  4. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume chapter 10 – AHAHAHAHA… If I knew any better I would say this chapter has shounen-ai hints…. XDD
  5. Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 1b – Finally, the conclusion to the chapter!
  6. Camelot Garden – Oh, dear heaven….. read the credits page. My entire rant is in there. XD Kaori Yuki-sensei has outdone herself in the weirdness department again.
  7. Himegimi no Tsukurikata chapter 1 – New series by the same mangaka as Tokage Ouji! Kyaaa!

And we’re still recruiting staffers! Please see the update post below this!

Now, where’s my pillow? Zzz…

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omg Himegimi no Tsukurikata is soooo good!! i really really like it!!! its sooo cute!!!! thanks so much for the first release!!! ill definitely be looking forward to the future releases!!( ^__^) V

heyaaaaaa… another thanks again..

Awh~ Tokage Ouji, I love that! And I think I’ll love this Himegimi no Tsukurikata too! xD Thank you for the release!

A new manga by the mangaka of Tokage Ouji!? I’ll give that a try. 😀 Thank you!

Oh… my… God… see what you’ve done! You’ve just made my day! o.o I just… love you guys! >< Thank you so much for the Camelot Garden [I’ll read it as soon as the download finishes] and for the Honey Hunt, I am totally looking forward for the next chapters~ xD Thank you for all your hard work! x3

thanks for this 92 bloody pages, I mean Camelot Garden! :mrgreen: I know that you’ve put your own “blood” for this. thanks a lot ^.^v

thank you for camelot garden!! i haven’t read it yet but i know it’ll be good! you all rock so hard!! ah! the amesomeness that oozes from you all needs to reach some of the other dying scanlation groups!

AHHHHHHhhhhHHH! Thank you so much for the Kaori Yuki oneshot, I absolutely love her work! 😛

thank you for releasing another of Kaori Yuki-sensei works! I love her works!^^ 😀

I could imagine the pain you guys had gone through of scanlating the Camelot Garden one-shot. >___< Thank you very much for taking your own time (in the midst of exams and life issues) in scanlating it and not to mention the other releases released as of late. Please keep up the great work. ^____^

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