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We at Aerandria like to come up with random reasons to celebrate ^^ (Or maybe it’s just me…) Anyway, that means another week of once-a-day releases \o/ Before we get to the releases, though, there are a couple of things I would like to address:

  • Please don’t add our releases on Manga Updates! We will add them ourselves.
  • A while ago, we added a new position called Cloning Ninja, and now, we’ve come up with another new position called Raw Scans Prepper. It doesn’t require much experience with Photoshop, and it’s not even time-consuming. If you have some free time, and would like to see releases come out faster, please consider applying, because it helps speed up the process a lot! For more information on this job, please check out our recruiting section~
  • We are still recruiting staffers for other positions. Please read this post for more information. Also, if you’re wondering what exactly each job does, please refer to our recruiting section with lovely visual aids recently added by Laca-sama <3. Note: If you’ve applied before and haven’t received a reply, check your Junk or Spam folder in your mail. We reply to ALL applications.
  • Every day, we receive a lot of comments asking repetitive questions like: “What does ‘being QCed’ mean?” “How can I open .rar files?” “What is IRC?” Please refer to our FAQ before asking questions like these. If you don’t find your question answered, feel free to leave us a comment, email us, or poke us on IRC ^_^

And it’s time for the releases~

  1. Honey Witch – Another adorable oneshot with a touch of romance and fantasy<3
  2. Kiss/Hug chapters 5 and 6! The problem with Serenus Dreamers has been somewhat sorted out, so the next release probably won’t take as long, hopefully ^_^ These double chapters are part of our Halloween mass release~ Where are the other secret releases? They’re currently in IRC!
  3. Midnight Secretary chapter 24 – And for anyone who hasn’t frequented our IRC channel (#aerandria) here’s chapter 24 a week later. ^^
  4. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 8 – Another chapter of our historical romance story! If anyone hasn’t been to our IRC channel for the secret releases, please go and visit it. XD
  5. Koizora volume 3 – This volume is dedicated to sexual assault survivors and their families. We wish you hope and peace, from the bottom of our hearts.
  6. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen volume 1 omake – 8 pages full of cuteness <3
  7. Himegimi no Tsukurikata chapter 5 -More Rufus~~~ *cough* I mean, more Rufus and Yuri~~~

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Thank you for the releases ! :smile:

thanks for the release

at the risk of sounding like mush, i just wanted to tell you… that i…
your work is the light of my day! [tho it does leave me distracted a lot XD] thx for spoiling us little needy people out here!
& thanks for being so responsible for the projects that you’re dropping too.

Thank you for all your hard work with the releases. Keep up the good work everyone.

thanks for all your HQ releases and all your good work! but unfortunately, the university doesnt allow irc (lmao they actually somehow blocked connection to it) so i cant visit your channel for the secret releases DDD=. but nonetheless, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK =D

YAY! \^____^/ Kiss/Hug! Thank you so much, guys! May you be covered with hugs and kisses! *does her part*

WOOT! thank you so much for kiss/hug and Hachimitsu no Hana!

OMG OMG OMG~~~ YAY! Kiss/Hug! Thanks a lot~ <3

eh? no halloween release? funny… I thought for sure… Oh, nvm. Happy Halloween!!! Thanks for all you past-fast releases. Take today off to eat candy and get fat people!

=^.^= Happy Halloween =^.^=

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