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Posted by Lacaille | Posted in Classified, Updates | Posted on 25-07-2007


Some of you might be wondering on the slow turnout of releases. It’s basically because we have a lot of translations on hand but not enough editors to go around to them. So if you want to help us out with faster releases, please fill out our Contact form and apply as an Editor. The projects that are in need of editors are Ghost Only, Shounen Chuudoku, Shadow Skill, Ren Ai Cupid and some others.

We’re also still looking for translators for several projects so if you’re interested, please apply also. Thanks, everyone!

Note: Editors who have finished their chapters and have already sent them to Tii-chan, please send them to me at lacaille @ gmail.com. It seems Tii-chan is still busy with work. ^^

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Emailed you back. ^^

Hello! I don’t know if Tii-chan has told you, but I’m a newbie editor to this team and I recently, just some time ago, turned in an edit for Ghost Only’s 4th chapter. I hadn’t heard back from her yet, but I’m willing to continue with Ghost Only ^^

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