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Hello, people! I’m the resident horror translator, now turned into your personal Easter Bunny with a basket full of goodness. Why the change, you ask? Being an Easter Bunny is not about fluffy tails – it takes stamina and bravery. Bringing you manga is a job only heroes with determination and nerves of steel can do. So the Aerandria staffers reasoned – who can be more suited to the job than a horror translator?!

So, in order to bring you all of this week’s releases, I had to undertake, for a second time in my life, the perilous and mystic journey to the very heart of the Land of the Living Bishies. After the magic carpets of JAL dropped me off on the edge of the unknown, I had nought but a rough map on a piece of parchment and vague memories of a previous life to lead me through impassable jungles, deep, dark underground tunnels, watched on all sides by ethereal and timid fairies as well as coiling beasts, ready to strike the moment I take one wrong step.

At long last, I reached my destination – the ancient, moss-grown ruins of the Temple Of The Poisonous Centipede. But I did not dwell there long, despite its horrific fascination – I felt the calling of the elusive and mythic Fountain Of Eternal Happiness. Despite my burning desire to stay and bask in it forever, I humbly had just a few helpings of its flowing riches and returned back here, to the light and familiar land of Aerandria.So reach into my basket of chocolate eggs, sugary bunny-totems and exotic sweets and find your own favorite manga among them…

  • Raspberry Field no Majo Chapter 2 – The girl’s character is interesting… how can she mixed up a devil for a sheep? The pure white, fluffy sheep?! ROFL.
  • Gakuen Joou Oneshot – It’s been awhile since we released a oneshot! Enjoy~
  • Gakkou no Sensei Chapter 5 – Animals Ears Galore. More cuteness ensues.
  • Houou Gakuen – Misoragumi Chapter 8 – This series has been licensed and it’ll be IRC only release from now on. All past chapters in IRC as well. ^^
  • Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare Chapter 8 – I want to see more mop-sword!
  • Ruby Blood Chapter 1 -2 – Ruby blood eyed vampiyah!
  • Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! Chapter 19- Well, Laca, SFX notes are the best. They’re small and cute. I’ve been in love with them since long time ago. <3 SFX notes. XDDDD (*a reply to Lacaille's comment on the credits page)

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thanks so much for misoragumi and the other great releases…
because there are holidays right now I thought I would just start reading gakkou no sensei and I love it! I’m looking forward to more =]

Choclate *_*
ty for release!

Happy Easter!! and thank you!!! Loved your post, hehe.

(o_o) Exotic Sweets? Got to try them.. *nom nom nom*

Thank You for the releases! \(^v^)/

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter everyone! ^^ thank you for the new releases! Forever grateful and indebted to your unending determination.. Keep up the good work.. (what a cute story… –)

XD Happy Easter, everyone~~~ *mysteriously eyes all of the simply exotic, mouthwatering, sensual… manga~~* =3=

And thank you for the new releases! *hugs all and starts digging through the bag*

Thank you for Raspberry Field no Mago and the one-shot. :)

WOW that was one heck of a nice story! u’ve got the talent!
thanks so much for the new releases!!! cant wait for more! 😀

*reaches into Mari’s basket of chocolate eggs* Are these safe to eat? ^_^;;;;
Thanks for the releases!

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