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I got back from a few days vacation with overwhelming emails and stuff to do. I worked through my vacation for some of these releases so please enjoy! Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, everyone! We avoided the Christmas rush of releases by other groups, but we’re bringing all the releases now! \o/ Also, maybe some of you could help us out with donating for some of the mangas we need to buy to be scanned and translated.

Anyway, on to the releases!

  1. Tenjou no Kajitsu chapter 2 – A long time in coming, this one. Thanks to bohlumdall and Razril for the patience!
  2. Full House Kiss chapter 5 – We’re on to the second volume! Yay! \o/
  3. M.C. Law chapter 2 – Welcome Kyra our new editor!
  4. Penguin Prince chapter 1 – Squish the penguin! Squish the penguin!
  5. Midnight Secretary chapter 4 – Uh-oh. The smut fangirls will go rabid! Thanks, Sakiera! I love your editing skills and your sootballs! ^^
  6. Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro chapter 12 and 13 – Praise for Tidah’s awesome editing skills and Skdo, our new translator!!
  7. Beast Master chapter 2 – Didn’t we say faster releases when the joint comes? Well, here you go! Michan! \o/
  8. Akuma to Dolce chapter 2 – Asahina and Kat-chan, you guys are the best!
  9. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 1 – Awww, a new series~~ A love story set in the Meiji era!
  10. Rasetsu no Hana chapter 2 – Yakou X33 Many thanks, Kara!

Because of the number of releases today, I’ve hosted all the download links on divshare because if I host them here right now, I know you guys will bring the server to its knees with your multiple downloads. XDDDD

We hope these will tide you over to the new years. Happy New Year, everyone!!

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happy new year. ily fer releases xD

nice bunch of releases, and Happy New Year, to you, Aerandria!

thanx for the releases .. love you all 😉

Such great releases. <3 <3 <3 Thank you sooooooo much for all your hard work!

Thank you for all the wonderful releases! : D

😀 😀 😀 Thanks for all the releases!! :mrgreen:
I’m loving it!!! 😈

as usual you guys rock.

waahhh!! more beast master and akuma to dolce!! i read hachimatsu no hana and i loved that too!! thank you!

😛 Ah, arigato! I love M.C. Law and Midnight Secretary a lot. 😉 Can’t wait for Ludwig! 😛

😯 Jade

XD~~ so much to read!! thank you for all the hard work! happy new year!

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