Double Release #1!!!


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This month has started off kinda slow (partly my fault for having such cruddy internet connection >____< It's fixed now so it's all good. =P). To make up for it, we're gonna be making a bunch of double releases. =D And to make up for my uh... infrequent absences, I'll work my butt off coordinating and editing to get these chapters out to y'all as soon as possible. =) This double release is of Mind Game c004 and c005. It’s been a while since we’ve released a chapter of this series, huh? Well, let’s just say a few more complications arise for cute, lil’ Misato-chan in these two chapters and we can’t forget about Kyouko-chan’s boy problems either! =P

P.s. If you’re curious, I’m now certified to legally cause people by waxing any part of their body. Muahahaha! It’s only as bonus that I’m now as smooth as a baby. =P Although in about week, I’m gonna be taking a relaxation and hot stone massage courses so if I seem to disappear, that’s why. =)

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Yay! Welcome back…I was wondering where you went. Anyways…I’m looking forward to working with the team…I don’t think I’ve heard back from you yet whether I’m “officially” part of the editing team. >.

EDIT by Tii-chan: Oh, you’re definitely part of the team ^-^ I’ll be looking over the chapter you did sometime in the next few days (work has been slow lately…>___<) so you’ll get an email from me then. =P

Tii-chan, congratulation on your certification! 😀 (Though, please be gentle to those who have more hair than normal. :P)

Thank you for the releases! Please don’t apologise for not releasing – it’s your life, release whenever you wish to. I’m just really thankful that you guys have such wonderful scanlations. Thank you!

Thank you so much!!!

wehee! never expected a double release ^.^, thank you very much and please, enjoy your holidays, if you have them :)

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