Posted by Lacaille | Posted in Updates | Posted on 05-06-2007


I’ve edited and added some content pages and edited some styles to make the site look better. I’ve also updated the project pages to include our new current and future releases. Please look around there and see if you’d like to help us out. We need japanese translators for most of the projects. Beginners are also welcome. ^_^

Also, we’d like to point everyone to the Forums with its own Scanlation section so that we could all get to know each other better. It’s a joint forum from all our sites and the members are friendly and insane, in a good way. XD There are forums for staff members, requests area, and the leisure and games section where you can participate in fun stuff along with other members. Not to mention that you can shop for items or get to buy your own pet and train it! We encourage everyone to join!

If you have any suggestions on what subforums to add, feel free to inform us. We’ll also be making various banners for Aerandria there so watch out for that. ^_^

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