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It’s been far too quiet here… so let us break your silence with another release of Beast Master chapter 6! Just another chapter of the series proper before it ends. I can almost hear the endless wailing of the fangirls once it ends.

IRC release for the first 24 hours ( For the Donators, please register in the forum with the email you used to donate and email me about it. That way, every time we have an IRC-only release, you only have to go to the forum to get the direct-download link. No need to email me anymore. Much easier for everyone.

Lots of releases for everyone this week. Most likely we’ll do a Once a Day release thing again. ^^ Keep checking back here for updates.

Also, we need one Quality Checker with both experience in editing and proofreading. If you apply, I’ll be giving you two tests, both for editing and proofreading.

For the smut-deprived, here an entire volume of smut for you. Furachi na Otokotachi chapters 1-5 complete! We hope it somehow helps abate your addiicton for a little while.

Last chapter of Shounen Chuudoku for release, and another completed series! Yes! \o/ It’s a moving chapter so we recommend you read it. ^^

It’s Shoujo Manga Maniac’s anniversary today and to celebrate it, we have tons of joint releases for you! Chapter 5 and volume 1 Extra for Mademoiselle Butterfly, Chapters 1-2 of The Baby Merchan’ts Story, and the long-awaited chapter 1 of Asa Made Motto!

Releases for Baby merchant are IRC-only and as of today, the series is now officially dropped from Aerandria. Please buy the licensed English version when it becomes available. Enjoy everyone!

Today’s release is chapter 4 of Shibariya Komachi. As of today, the project is officially dropped from Aerandria. Please buy the licensed English version and support the mangaka!

Chapter 45 of Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro for release today! After we fill up the gap in volume 6, we’ll be skipping to chapters 128 onwards, so we need an editor for Neuro; someone who can clean up the Jump scans.

One last release for the week, chapter 2 of Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen! This series is among my new favorite ones. Can’t wait till the volume comes out. ^^ Now excuse us while we recuperate and get ready for another week of Once a day releases…. soon…. XD

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ZHD was great! thank you! *bows* and thanks for the first few chapters of Baby Merchant. I love stories like this where they put a new twist on fairytales. Reminds me a bit of Ludwig. *smooCh* sankyuu! :]

owaaaaahh!!! thanks for the new z.h.daisakusen!!! >w<;;; i really love this story.. i hope it’ll be some long-ish series, it’s so cute! i cant seem to find much info on the series nor any raw scans so i’m REALLY grateful for the scanlations! <33333

Hurray and thanks for ZHD its so cuteXD Euda is so cute in chibi mode XD she looks a little like haruhi from Ouran Host club…XD or is that just me >.< Anywayz you guys are wonderfull .< its one of my fave’s. Thanx so much for introducing it to us ^^

OMG~ Thanks for the new chapter of Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen! I love the story and you guys are doing a great job in scanlating it~ ^^

Wah.. Thank you so much for chapter 2 of Zettai Heiwa Dasakusen ^^. It’s been 1 of my favorite manga too ^^.

@ Lacaille: Thanks for the sympathy–and not spoiling the ending. I’ll absolutely pick up the English version when it comes out. I’ll even brave the junior highers in the manga aisle. ( Gomen nasai to any jr. highers–you guys just make me feel ancient.)

And while I’m a bit bummed out, you guys do such a great job of picking out interesting projects. So, it’s really easy to find another manga that’s worth reading in the meantime. :mrgreen:

YES!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ZETTAI HEIWA DAISAKUSEN!!! I’ve been dying to find out what happens next!!! 😛

@ claymaven: Awww… so sorry we had to drop it… it was one of my fave series as well… I even have all 3 volumes right now… and.. and…. *refrains self from giving spoilers*

Anyway, it’s good that it’ll be available in English now ^^

Thanks for the new chapter of Zettai! I’m really bummed that you have to drop Shibariya–it was starting to get really interesting. 😥 So, if you see some old lady rummaging around the manga section at your local Borders–that’d be me XD.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

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