Blue socks are fluffy, but not as fluffy as fluffy-cat


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So, it’s winter time in my half of the world. Although I don’t get snow where I live, I still enjoy the chilly weather we get when the weather gods are willing to allow us low temperatures. I figured, since my feet are cold despite being wrapped in fluffy socks and I can’t be the only one in such a situation, we should release something nice to warm people up. For those of you who like it hot (or super cold) … we’ll try to accommodate you as well. So… to the chimney so that everyone can attack tickle peek at Scanlation Santa as she hands out those chapters!

By the way, I’d greatly appreciate it if you checked out our “Join Us!” page since we’re still recruiting for all available positions! Come, join in on the kidnapping erm… help Scanlation Santa give out those lovely chapters!

  • Oneichan to Issho Chapter 09 – Grandmothers are so cool, don’t you think?
  • Hapi Mari Chapter 09 – The “9” is just a coincidence… I think.
  • Kurobara Alice Chapter 06 – So! The “9” IS a coincidence. Hope everyone had fun yesterday/will have fun today~
  • Sora Log Chapter 04.5 – I know people’ve been waiting for more of this, and here it is!
  • Ookami ga Kuru Chapter 012 – enjoy it~
  • Rouge et Noir Chapter 02 – It’s the return of the “9”! -> Go to page 9. More than enough said. Joint with Midnight Scans.
  • Gakkou no Sensei Chapter 03 – Yay~ More Gakkou~ I really like this series! ^_^

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Thanks for the latest releases! <3

Thank you very much for the releases! Hope you’re all having a great holiday!

So many great series! *O* Thank you, thank you, thank you! >__<

Thanks a bunch for the Shinyaku Ookami ga kuru chapter!

Kurobara~~~ *does a little happy dance*
Thanks for the releases and Merry Christmas!

Thank you guys *-*

Yaaaaaay … Happy Holidays, Aerandria Staffies and all the fangirls and fanboys! :)

Hapi Mari … *drooooool*
Sora Log … *fawns*

nyaaaaa *oink oink*

Thank you so much for the wonderful releases. You are the best. Love you guys.

Thank you. I’ve been waiting for Sora Log ^0^

Hapi Mari, Kurobara Alice and Sora Log! Thank you, I’m looking forward to the rest of the week’s releases.

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