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The stuffed teddy bear is back with a vengence! RAWR! >] Since we now know that you perceive me as a teddy bear, I think it’s only fair that we ask you what you think about the rest of the staff. *points to the new poll* So yes, it’s the staff’s turn now. *insert maniacal laughter*

I want to share something that Adrift made for me last time. XD What do you think? Does it inspire fear or fangirl squeals? ^^; Hmmm… wonder if there’s a vampire version…

Lacaille as kuma-chan

And we start the week of releases again~

  1. Billion Princess chapter 10 – *nosebleeds* page 23!!! *points*
  2. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen chapter 7 – Johane-sama, you’re my hero!!! *blows flying kisses and hearts*
  3. Hapi Mari chapter 6 – Another HM chapter! It’s Midnight Scans’ anniversary this month thus the bevy of releases. Many thanks, MS!
  4. Hoshiyomi no Yogensha – An entire new series complete! A very cute series from Kawase natsuna~ ^^
  5. Oneichan to Issho chapter 7 – This is a touching chapter that makes you grateful for all the memories we have.
  6. Bitouna Koi – A funny and sweet one-shot. I swear, some people have the weirdest talents. XDD
  7. Sora Log chapter 4 – Why are there so many good-looking characters in this chapter? :O

And taking from our last recruitment post:
We still need more editors, preppers, cleaners, and cloning ninjas to help us with our releases. We have a whole bunch of stuff waiting to be edited~ Our new editor trainer, CassiusOS has gladly volunteered to train people who have some knowledge of Photoshop. We suggest you take advantage of him his good will~ Just let us know when and how to reach you so we can coordinate online schedules. ^^

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hapi mari!!!! *charges* thank you!!! 😀

xD Good thing I check the site again~ Thanks for the Hapi Mari! <33

We need more votes for penguins T^T

I voted for penguins, Asahina! XD I was actually kinda torn between crunchy, cheesecake, and penguins. XDDD Glad I picked penguins!! Lacaille’s pirate bear is actually sporting a ninja weapon?! That 4 prong cross like thing, or is that a pirate weapon. Squish Lacaille-bear-sama, even if she’ll kill me. 😛 Squish Asahina too. Squish penguin aerandria staff for giving us awesome new updates. New ZHD. Johane-sama is mine!!!!!! XD :mrgreen:

Thank you for supporting the penguin clan <3

Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work ^.^

*Squeals and gently takes away sharp object from the teddy bear* I want to squeeze and squish the cuteness that is the pirate bear!

hahaha… Thanks so much for the releases!

Thanks for the new release!

Not a nurse fetish, a Euda fetish! XD

Love you guys. Not sure I qualify as a Lacaille fangirl, but……maybe one in training? 😀

Today I wanted to see the bear more than I wanted to find what yummy present we got today.
I fail as a fangirl.

You’re a certified Lacaille fangirl 😉

What? Another one? XD -hides-

OMG the bear. I want one.

A bear commander and penguin army? You know that’s how it works.

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