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I’ve been sick for a few days, but aside from the staffers thinking that I died when I didn’t go online for one day, I’m fine now. XDD

We’ll be doing the the Once A Day release thing again this week, but before that, let us give you a backstory for this week’s first release. The staffers were all very excited about this project; there were screaming, shouting, hair-pulling and general pandemonium that was worse than the back stage of any Miss Universe contest. Yes, if you’ve ever wondered how your favorite chapters gets released, that’s how it’s done. XDD The cause of the chaos? The release of the series Private Prince. We’ll be releasing this series per volume so you’ll only be seeing 5 release dates for it. We’ll be giving you the next volume next week. Happy? Extremely grateful? Join our staff! Read the post below this for the positions available.

And the releases:

  1. Private Prince volume 1 – Spoiled brats… getting a whole volume release of smut.. ^^ We want newborn babies and innocent souls in return. >]
  2. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume chapter 11 – This is such a funny chapter! XD Many thanks to Intercross for the joint work! ^^
  3. Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 4 – A rowdy yet sexy poltergeist?! Hmm…
  4. Sheet no Sukima volume – Yes, an entire volume of smut for your weekend. We’ve skipped some chapters since they’ve already been done by other groups. And, Happy Birthday to our staffer, claymaven!
  5. Otogibanashi no Fude – A very nice one-shot from the same creator as Akagami no Shirayukihime!
  6. Barairo my Honey chapter 9 – Another chapter from our joint with Celestial Scans! We see our cute Mr. Tiger again~
  7. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 6 – He’s not only good-looking but popular too? Tsk, what’s our little maid going to do?

A phenomenon usually reserved for Midnight Secretary is currently occurring with Private Prince. A LOT of people are downloading the multiple chapters at the same time. ^^ To prevent overload of the server, the staff has come to the conclusion that an IRC-only release would prevent the server from going down on its knees. Don’t crash the server you crazy fangirls and boys. XD The 5 chapters will be on IRC only for the next 24 hours or until you guys behave.

We hate to think what would happen if we actually release Midnight Secretary and Private Prince at the same time. :O Beware the power of smut…

Also, two pieces of good news, both Ghost Only and Akuma to Dolce will be having new chapters soon!!! The creators are finally making new chapters for these two series! \o/

We’re also looking for Korean translators for one shoujo series and another series. Please use the Contact form to apply~

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Thanks for all the great releases! And thanks for the good news about Akuma and Ghost. It’s always nice to know there’s something special to look forward to. 😀

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