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Posted by Lacaille | Posted in Manga Release, Updates | Posted on 16-10-2007


Ooh! We’ve got another couple of releases for you guys! Many thanks to the staffers who worked with us on this to make this possible! We now have 49 releases since we started in June!!!! One more to go till 50 releases!

We bring you Chapter 11 of Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro and chapter 7 of Tokage Ouji!!

In the new chapter in Tokage Ouji, we get to meet Canary’s older brother, Keel-sama who has a severe sister complex! Will Sienna-sama be able to meet his expectations?

Also, we’re needing a japanese translator for Neuro, as our current translator is busy at the moment. If you are interested in helping us out, please Contact Us. Be sure to visit the Manga Downloads section of our forum too! ^^

We’re currently in need of more editors! Yes, EDITORS! Please help us bring you more releases by Joining our Staff! We have free perks! Like free chicken nuggets, insanity and glomps! ^^

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Woohooo!!! More Sienna-sama cuteness!! XDDDD

Thank you so much for Neuro and all your other releases! Keep up the awesome work!

Whoa, that’s so many releases! You guys are amazing! You release so much manga, so quickly, and I love your projects. ^^

Thank you for the new release of Tokage Ouji!!!! =]

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