Bad Boys, Bad Boys~


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So my dysfunctional love lives have been published for all to see… by Adrift, no less! *sniffs* Why do I have this dysfunctional relationship with a time (7:14am) you ask? Well, it’s all because… Adrfit spurns my love and affection!

Adrift: OH! LACA!
Adrift: You called my name last night. Did you need something from me?
Adrift: Hahaha. Don’t be like the Girl Who Cried Wolf, Laca! One day you’ll call my name and I won’t come running anymore…

She reluctantly accepts my hugs… but… but… It’s not enough! Is it any wonder that I ran crying to the arms of 7:14?! He at least accepts my blatant expressions of love! Yes, I do admit that before that, I had some serious dysfunctional relationships that prevented me from spending time with you all and posting updates… If it’s any consolation, the names of my bad boy distractions are: Damon, Bones, Eric, Barrons, Curran and Travis. I’m sure many of you can sympathize with my dilemma…

We’re also recruiting for editors, preppers and chinese translators! Please see this page so you can get an idea on what each job entails~

And to start our December month right, our week of releases starts again today~

  • Sabaki no Mon – A Tsukuba Sakura one-shot~ Check out the awesome cover page by Mya!
  • Kurobara Alice chapter 21 – Lots of pages with NOTHING BUT SMUT. XD That should perk you guys up… XD
  • Shounen Dolls chapter 12 – Too many alpha males in one room! *fans herself*
  • Horror Collector v03 ch2 part 1 – This series is such a mind trip~ XD
  • Purple Eyes volume 7 – An entire volume to distract everyone~
  • Kaizoku to Ningyo chapter 2 – And another bishie comes out for us to drool over~ Dang… I love men in uniform… XD
  • Mishounen Produce chapter 13 – What?! A confession?!

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Thank you very much for sharing these releases and all the many others you’ve done during the last year.
I wish all your team a very Happy New Year !

I hope the Staff at Aerandria enjoys their holidays! :)

thanks for the releases! Yay for mishounen produce!

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