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Hi everyone~ After the crazy release batch we just had last week for Christmas and New Year, we’re back again for another week of releases! (^o^)/ I’m still sleep-deprived after preparing all the releases last week, and I feel like I can drop down and sleep any minute now… But Lacaille’s back to take back the reins, so rest assured—with Lacaille keeping things under control, you won’t have to worry about your constant manga fix ^.<

(Asa gratefully bows down to Lacaille, the true master of Aerandria orz) (And don’t delete it this time, Lacaille! >O)

Again, please help us out with the making of these scanlations. Right now we really need editors, one Korean translator (shoujo romance), raw scans preppers and Cloning Ninjas. Please refer to our Wanted section and apply!

And without further ado, here are the releases this week:

  1. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 2 – Cliff-hanger >.< Nevertheless, this chapter is still full of Tanemura Arina-cuteness. Enjoy! ^_^
  2. M.C. Law chapter 6 till the end! – Yes! Another completed project! A whooping ELEVEN chapters for you~
  3. Rasetsu no Hana chapters 8 and 9 – Two chapters at once! And we’re sad to say that we’re dropping this series now because it’s already been licensed by Viz. The good news is that you’ll be able to get your own copy of the English book soon! ^^ Many thanks to the staffers who helped us with this series!
  4. Akuma ga Hareruya – A complete volume of a Kikuchi Kamaro series~ Another complete project!
  5. Sora Log – We’ve been finishing a lot of series for a while so we’re starting one today. ^^ The new series from Mitsuki Kako. Enjoy~
  6. Kimi wo Omofu – A cute and short one-shot by Shin Yui, author of Ghost Only!
  7. And the last one for the week, Another Summer Knights chapters 1 to 4. A full volume release and another complete series! o/

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Thank you for all your hard work with the releases. I’m a bit behind with all the manga releases… I’m glad that MC Law and others are completed. Cookies, kudos, and cakes to all Aerandria staffs.

Thank you for Sakurahime Kaden! It’s awesome! 😉

OMG! That cat story is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It reminded me of my cat when he was that small!! Thank you soooo much!!!
Naturally, also for all the other releases… I do wonder, though how you manage it….

Thank you for Another Summer Knights. I look forward to trying it.

Wow, you guys are spoiling us~ >w< Thanks for the whole-volume release! <3

Thank you very much for all of these! xoxo

Thanks thanks thanks…
simply say thanks for the releases seem to simple! :roll:
you guys are the best! X3
I come I love all the project that you are doing?! X3
for me you are one of the best scanalator group! X3
thanks -ton of hug- :mrgreen:

Sora Log was very interesting, as are all of Mitsuki Kako’s works :)
Thanks for your hard work~

Thank you for the new releases. The one-shot about the cat sounds cute, and Sora Log looks interesting. I’m looking forward to reading both of them.

Thanks for the release! <3

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