And We Turn TWO~


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Aerandria is now officially two years old! WHOOOO~ Open the champagne bottles, bring out the chocolates, throw the confetti, make some noise!!! ^^ We’d to thank everyone, and we mean everyone, who helped us along those two years with crazy deadlines, bishie drooling, fangirl fights and unabashed support and dedication. We’d like to thank each other too for… -looks around at the staff- bearing with each other’s fangirl attacks, sleepless nights and spurts of procrastination. XD THANK YOU! m(_ _)m

Please keep on giving us your support for another year and more~ As incentive, here’s our anniversary image with an upcoming bishie! (And for those who we know who’ll keep asking us where he’s from, read the image, please! XD)

What’s to look forward to for the next year? More releases, of course! We have so many stuff for you guys that you’ll surely love but we need help in releasing them. T_T Please apply to be an editor or quality checker to help us out~ Also please consider donating to help us buy manga. ^^

On to our releases~

  1. Chou yo Hana yo chapter 26 and 27 – And we start off your day with a couple of smut chapters! Thanks to Serenus Dreamers for the joint efforts~
  2. Hapi Mari chapter 4 – Ever dreaded going back to those school reunions? Well, you’re not the only one! Thank you, Midnight Scans!
  3. Kingyo Sou chapter 4 – It’s best chapter ever!!! Make sure you’re sitting down before reading this! Thanks, Esthetique!
  4. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume volume 4 extra – I wish they’d make a spin-off series on this! It’s fantastic! Thank you, Intercross!
  5. Oneichan to Issho chapter 6 – Awww, young and sweet friendship~
  6. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan chapter 6 – We finally see a glimpse of Lucille’s background! :O
  7. Flying Bunny – A very nice one-shot from the creator of Kingyo Sou!
  8. Kamisama Hajimemashita chapter 8 – So our teen idol is not who he seems to be? And here I was hoping for a love triangle… XD
  9. Billion Princess chapter 9 – Uh-oh. Did Bai-Yao just spend an entire night alone with Tian? >]
  10. Hatsukoi Rocket – A whole volume of Taamo cuteness AND a completed series again! Woot! \o/
  11. A Princess and a Bum chapter 4 – And our gold-digging narcissist is back! XD
  12. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji chapter 4 – And our cross-dressing princess has a very beautiful competition! >O
  13. Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! chapter 8 – This is such a fun series but absolutely evil to work on! -bows down to all the staffers who helped in the release-
  14. Shounen Dolls chapter 4 – You fangirls better sit down because you’ll be fangirl-ing all over this chapter! XD More and more staffers are having doll fetishes. And OF COURSE it’s not OUR fault! XDD

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Comment #100? Happy belated birthday~ Mine was right after yours~

Whoooooo! Congratulations! You’ve made it through some tough times and done a wonderful job. Hope you guys are around for a looooooong time to come! :mrgreen:

thanks for the recent release ♥
me loves it so much :mrgreen:
thanks aerandria, you’re the best 😉

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AERANDRIA!! KYAAAA~ So much thank you for your hard work until now. Love you guys a lot. Welcome back Lacaille, you’re rock ^0^.

You are the best!!! Thanks 😉

Congrats on another completed series! x3 Thanks for the hard work in releasing so many chapters~ <33

Thank you sooooo much for tbe completed series and other releases!!!!!! you guys ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! >____<

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! XD XD thank you so much for all the wonderful releases… that all the staff worked so hard on…


Wow! Congratulations on turning two years old! *throws confetti*

I’ve always loved the scanlations — so clean and professional looking.

Man what a hot bishie! *swoon* I must find out his name . . . hmm, I’m guessing he’s from a manga called Jojo’s Circus or something along those lines; I always see the releases, but I’ve never read it.

Love you guys, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next year~! ( ≧ 3≦)♥♥

Well, it’s official. I’ve been a fan of Aerandria for two years now and this is my first comment ever. Congratulations folks, you guys are awesome!! Keep it up people, you’re the best :)

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