And the madness begins, once again


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Hi everyone~ Long time no see~ Since Lacaille is on a short hiatus right now, I will be taking care of releasing for the time being ;_; *hopes Lacaille will come back soon*

A quick announcement: we still need quality checkers (especially now that Lacaille is taking a short break). Please be aware that as a quality checker, you will be asked to fix the PSD files in case there are editing mistakes in addition to correcting spelling/grammatical/structural mistakes. Photoshop is required. We also welcome editors, cleaners, typesetters, cloning ninja, and Japanese translators ^_^ Any help is greatly appreciated. Please see our Wanted page for more details.

  1. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji – chapter 2. It seems that this adorable series received quite favorable opinions. Yay~
  2. Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare – chapter 1. A brand new series \o/ Whoever knew a mop could be so cool? *_*
  3. Akaku Saku Koe – volume 2 extra story 2. A super hero because of coffee? Hmmm… what could he name himself then…?
  4. Houou Gakuen – Misoragumi – chapter 2. A release from a series that fit the title of this post very well ^_^
  5. Hachimitsu no Hana – chapter 10. Ahh… The cuteness… The cuteness!!! *_____*
  6. Sakurahime Kaden – chapter 4. *cough* *shifty-eyes* *tries to shut out BL thoughts*
  7. Kiss/Hug – chapter 8. What can I say? Ryuu + Yukino = ♥
  8. Last but not least, we have chapters 5 and 6 of Another Kingdom. Thanks Enchantment Scans for working with us on these two chapters ^_^

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Thank you very much for all the releases ~<3

Thank you so much for another cahpter of Kiss/Hug! <3

Thanks for thee really cool release this month yet again. ♥
Like the new poll.. I’m a huge creamy cakes fanatic. chocolate gateaux goes under cake and chocolate though.. (“.)

Thank you for the new releases. (Numbers 5 through 8. Too many titles to mention individually. You guys are so busy! 😆 )

Hey Ivy-
If contact form doesn’t work. You can go to the forum, go into scanlation thread: look for recruitment topic and post ur application there. I’m sure the staff member will check there and reply to you. Good luck. :D.

Thanks for the releases!

P.S. I tried to submit an application through the contact form, but I don’t know if it worked?

thank you sooo much for all the releases! <3

Yay, releases! <3 Thank you!

KYAAAA!!! I just LOVE Houou Gakuen – Misoragumi!
Thank you very very much~ <3

Thank you for the new Houou Gakuen.

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