A Taste of Freedom


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*whispers hastily* This poor abused bear has momentarily escaped her captors in time to give you releases this week. *flattens her back against a wall and peeks around the corner* I have to hurry in case they find out I managed to escape. *looks suspiciously from left to right* They already proved they have cunning minds in trapping me in this laboratory by luring me with chocolate drops sprinkled with almonds. *lowers voice* I must practice stealth now to avoid detection so please do not try to give away my status by screaming with delight at the releases. *looks at the escape door to make sure no one’s on the other side* Thus I must make this post short and precise. *pats her camouflage outfit and runs for the door*

  1. Kindan no Koi de Ikou volume 10 – And we finish the longest series we’ve had so far!!! Also, Happy Birthday, Razril! *hands over some unfortunate zombie from the testing laboratory* You can whack it to your heart’s content~
  2. Dokuhime chapter 2 – *cries* These poor children share my same plight… *cries*
  3. Sora Log chapter 5 – *stares at the fangirls* Don’t you dare scream “kyaaaa!” You will give away my escape! XD
  4. Hyakkiyakou Juliet – A very cute one-shot from the mangaka of Himegimi and Tokage Ouji~
  5. Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata volume 1 and 2 – A new project with more bishies!!! *distributes drool-proof sanitary tissues*
  6. Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 12 – More of Zen~ *drools*

And please consider joining the people who want to free me!

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thanks for Dokuhime!! i’ve been looking forward to the 2nd chapter.

gonna read it now!!!!! ^^

KYAAAAA !!! Sora Log !! I was so so waiting for the this chapter considering the exciting end of the last one! youhoooo what will happennnnnnn?? I am going to find it right nowww !!! thankssss guys for your hard work on this chapter and for scanlating this marvellous story !!!


OMG Aerandria.. you’ll never know how much happiness we feel every time we click on an available translation!
Thank you very very much! 😀

*whispers* escape safely lacaille! im holding back my giggles and scream of delights for you! *whispers again* Thank you for the releases….. (silently runs in happiness). ^_^

Thanks soo much for the release! XOXOX
The end of the story was soo sad and touching

sob– thank you so much! I really cried at the end… so beautiful *tears in the eyes*

Hiya!! Thank you so much, so much for this!!!

thanks you for the releases^^^it was awesome :)

Thank you so much for this release!
*whispers* Hey Lacaille … which one do you find sexy …. can I have the other one?

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