A Tale of Fear, Despair and Terror


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Sometimes, our random talks in our staff area turn out to bring unexpected replies. That’s what happened one day when I was asked a innocuous question. So fans, beware. Along with our Halloween releases is this tale of woe, pain, and fear.

Staffer: Hey Laca, how did you learn all your css/wordpress/web designing magic?

Me: By… being a control freak? XD

Well, before… a long, long time ago… there was a little girl…

[story time starts and the staff start munching on popcorn]

She wanted to make a webpage but didn’t know how… And with the internet in the early stages and limited design tools at the time… she found Frontpage, an ms office tool… It was like what Dreamweaver is now.

So the clueless girl did the WYSIWYG way of things. And because she is a control freak, when a design ‘just doesn’t look right’ to her, she went to the backdoor of the web design code and stared it down with menace. Until the web codes finally decided that resistance was futile…

After making several webpages, the girl realized that there were a lot of redundant things in her web code… and also that if she wanted to edit the design, she had to edit *every single and stubborn page* Thus, she learned to separate the design from the web structure… and the little girl learned how to use CSS. Alas, the CSS became the next victim of the menacing stare and promptly waved the “surrender flag” to the now evil chibi woman.

Unfortunately for the internet world, the little girl wasn’t through with her conquering ways…

She then set her sights on dynamic web pages, thus introducing her to two pals, PHP and MySQL. The two pals put up much resistance… They used a very good defense… which is that they can’t be used unless one is online…and for the dirt poor chibi woman who only had prepaid dial-up internet at the time, it seemed that the battle was lost for her…

The chibi woman sat back and reassessed the situation… thinking of a possible strategy to overcome the enemy’s cunning line of defense…

As a solution, the evil chibi woman set up a local web server on her home PC… which meant she could make, troubleshoot, and edit any and all PHP and MySQL codes without having to go on the internet. The pals PHP and MySQL didn’t stand a chance and admitted their humiliating defeat! The superior cunning of the evil chibi woman was too much for them!

Her magical whip will not be denied!!!

She then proceeded to blaze a trail of terror and shameful defeat to all those who opposed her unique brand of tyranny. Among her victims included WordPress, phpBB, SMF, and many others. And thus, the evil chibi woman’s bloodlust has been sated…

At least for now…

[ominous silence]

The End. -bow-

  • Koizora – Setsunai Koimonogatari Chapter 22 – AE is dropping Koizora. We want to thank the scanlation group, Evil Flowers, for helping us with this chapter. They will continue the series without us. Follow them for more Koizora!
  • Hapi Mari Chapter 22-23 – *throws smut chapters to AE staff, who recently been craving for smut. XD
  • Full House Kiss Chapter 23-24 – I’m actually anxious to know what happened to her sister. :O …and, the moment everyone has been waiting for! Another thanks to Evil Flowers for helping us with this series as well!
  • Kuusou Garou A horror volume for halloween! XDD
  • Kokken A short oneshot for shounen-ai lovers!
  • Midori no Me More oneshots!
  • Xia ke Xing A new Historical Manhua series!

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Yay evil chibi lady!

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Hahahahaha, it is the best description of my daily work I’ve ever seen, Evil Chibi Woman. Next time I have a problem with any of my websites, I will follow your steps and I will stare them with menace ^_^

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