A Santa Panda…?


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AE Panda

*crawls out of the bamboo forest aka the staff room*

Hello all!

Since the AE staff is slumbering under the spell of Christmas, happily stuffed with food, offerings, smut and many more. They decided to send forth their newly acquired Panda to come greet you all during this jolly season.

*drags a mountain of gifts behind it*

Of course, we would not forget about the gifts to the patient and fabulous you! Happy Holidays all, and be safe, and meanwhile…

*sits down in a carton box* Any bamboo to feed AE Panda is greatly appreciated <3

*hears a cough from the other room where her owners are sleeping.*


*scribbles Looking for EDITORS and QUALITY CHECKERS on her box instead*

*Sakurahime Kaden is dropped due to license.

  1. Kurobara Alice Chapter 12 – Errr… I’m a saint Panda! *closes eyes*
  2. Gekkou Teien Chapter 3 – O, Romeo.
  3. Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata Chapter 8 – What can I say, you’ll never know if you never try.
  4. Kurobara Alice Chapter 13 – A pile of leaves? That was… unexpected. At least they don’t sparkle. =_=;
  5. Sora Log Chapter 8 – Oh my, I can hear fans screaming. Wait, did I hear Lacaille’s voice? XD
  6. Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! Chapter 16 – RUN!
  7. Gekkou Teien Chapter 4 – You are what you are.

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Another Gekkou Teien chapter! You guys ROCK! Thank you!!!

thanks for your work.

Wow :)) Sora Log Thank you guys for your hard work, I’m so happy :)

yay im so glad you guys wr about to find a server to support you guys <3

Happy New Year! XDDD Haven’t read any of these series, but thank you for your hard work, I’m sure they’re lovely!

thx youuu XDXD
at least they don’t sparkle lol,,,

Thank you guys, I love your projects:) Happy new year!!

‘Ray & thanks for YasaRyu, but having read it… WTH?!! :O
That’s the most I can say without spoilers, so thanks again.

Yay! Thank you for the DL links. I love Gekkou Teien (just re-skimmed the series yesterday) and Yasashii Ryuu. Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! I was wondering. What are the series which need an editor?

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