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As you may or may not know, the staffers here at AE come from a variety of places around the world. Often times, we are separated by vast distances and 12-hr differences in time zones, give or take a few hours. Yet, there exists a twilight zone… a time in which, more or less, all the staff can meet on irc. It might be late at night for some and early morning for others. We have dubbed this time Laca-time.

Anyway, it was a typical day in the staff irc channel. jojo_da_crow and I were idling in the channel doing… whatever it is that people do on computers. Enter Lacaille. Now, normally jojo and I wouldn’t care if Laca entered the channel. I mean, who does she think she is anyway? But, today, Lacaille entered at 7:14 AM her time.

<jojo_da_crow> WOAH someone is up early

jojo and Laca then proceeded to have their semi-daily discussion on farmville. Typically at this point I just nod and pretend to know what they’re talking about.

<Lacaille> to no one in particular: yes, this is the kind of uber important things that we talk about here in AE staff room… that is how we roll! -nod nod- (The no one in particular shall be you people now that I’ve decided to create an update post about this! TAKE THAT LACAILLE. YOUR WORDS AREN’T SAFE. WE’RE LISTENING.)

I then call Laca an imposter for being on so early. I mean… 7:14 AM?! I don’t expect you till 12! Jojo and I then browbeat her back to bed.

<jojo_da_crow> niiight
<Adrift> Say goodbye to Lacaille, 7:14 pm
<jojo_da_crow> hehe
<Lacaille> I’LL BE BACK!
<Adrift > Or at least… shouldn’t XD
<jojo_da_crow> haha
<jojo_da_crow> it will see her in her time zone
<jojo_da_crow> 7:14pm will travel the distance to find his love Lacaille
* jojo_da_crow wants to be a flower girl
* jojo_da_crow has no idea what she is talking about
* jojo_da_crow goes back to fanfiction
<Adrift > But you see EST 7:14 PM went so long without seeing Lacaille, now it has to treasure this one memory of her
<Adrift > I don’t know what I’m talking about either
<jojo_da_crow> lol
<jojo_da_crow> maybe we need sleep
<jojo_da_crow> XD
<Adrift > I should stop before an imaginary image of 7:14 PM pops into my head
<Adrift > which will then be the next topic of some random update post
* jojo_da_crow imagines him with a zorro hat and mask

-The next day… Laca comes in EARLY AGAIN!-

<Lacaille> ha! take that, 7:14am!
<Adrift> See 7:14? LACA CARES
<jojo_da_crow> ahaha
<jojo_da_crow> It is the zorro mask that turned her on
* jojo_da_crow runs
<Adrift> I’m now imagining a Tuxedo Mask-esque scene
<Adrift> where 7:14 has a zorro mask + a rose
<Adrift> and a snazzy cape

-Third day… Laca comes in early…-

<Adrift > ….
<Lacaille> i saw 6:59am!
<Adrift > XD
<Adrift > You’re doing this on purpose now!
<Lacaille> what? me? XD
<Adrift > 7:14 had finally learned how to live without you and now it’s going to have to build back up its walls when you leave again
<Adrift > 7:14 will be devastated and jojo and I will be the one’s who’ll have to pick up the pieces!
<Adrift > XD
* Lacaille waves a dismissive hand
<Lacaille> 7:14 wasn’t as dysfunctional as i wanted!

So what have we learned in this brief glimpse into the staff irc channel? AE is strange. Or at least jojo and I are for anthropomorphizing a point in time… Laca and jojo talk about farmville, a lot. And Laca apparently has a thing for dysfunction in her significant other. You’re welcome.

This week of releases is dedicated to 7:14. May these chapters keep you warm during your cold and lonely nights/mornings.

<craxx> <!Lacaille> ha! take that, 7:14am!

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The staff is always so funny =)

long live AE! long live the staff. even though christmas is coming, just refrain from shopping or you’ll add to making christmas as another commercialized holiday (like Valentine!).. well anyway, thanks for my brain food :) as always, 2 thumbs up (unless you need to get me to use my feet too, that’ll be 4 thumbs up!)

THANK U!!!!!!!!
i loved the releases!
u’ve made my day (and my week too :D)

Thank you for all the releases! OMG, I’m laughing my ass off from reading the extra in Hapi Mari! So funny! Thanks again! You guys made my day!

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