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So I’ve been hauled back in to post the updates for the Christmas and New Year weeks. Yes, we’ll be having two full weeks of everyday releases, plus mass releases on Christmas day and New Year. Spoiled brats. We’ll be taking hugs, cookies, cheesecakes, ninja costumes, newborn babies and yes, even defiled souls are accepted in return. In these tough economic times, we can’t afford to be picky about what kind of souls are offered to us anymore. *sigh*

Again, please help us out with the making of these scanlations. Right now we really need editors, fast proofreaders, raw scans preppers and Cloning Ninjas. We have roughly about 25-30 volumes fully translated and needing staffers to work on them. So please refer to our Wanted section and apply!

Also, did you guys know that we’ve already passed our 500th release?! Whoooo~ And to celebrate it, we have a new spiffy credits page for you to ogle at and drool over.

On to the releases (don’t forget the defiled souls, yes?).

  1. Sakurahime Kaden – Arina Tanemura cuteness! And no, despite what the credit page says, I didn’t say that… well, maybe not that enthusiastically…
  2. Himegimi no Tsukurikata – chapters 6 and 7. And we’ve completed another project! o/ Personally, I think Rufus should have appeared more… >.> (Yes, this is Asa speaking XD)
  3. Romanticist Egoist – an adorable oneshot from a new author ^_^
  4. Another Kingdom – chapters 3 & 4. A big thanks to Enchantment Scans for working with us on this project
  5. Shuukatsu – volume 2. Another completed project! o/ I’m going to miss this series T-T
  6. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume – chapter 16. More craziness with the Uru-Shindou-Ichirou trio ^^
  7. Chou yo Hana yo – volume 3. Yoshihara Yuki smutty goodness <3 This is a joint project between Serenus Dreamers and us, starting from volume 3.
  8. Midnight Secretary – chapter 25. This is the secret release we mentioned earlier. This chapter has been released almost one month ago.
  9. Barairo my Honey – extra stories 1-2. With these two extra stories, Barairo my Honey is finally completed ^_^
  10. Kitsune to Atori – chapters 1 & 3. Another completed project~ The drawing is so cute that I just want to glomp the characters X3 Note: We won’t scanlate chapter 2, as it was already released by Ivyscan a while ago.
  11. Dokusen Happiness – a sweet Christmas oneshot for the oneshot fans ^^
  12. Daydream World – another extremely cute Christmas oneshot <3 And this is our 50th completed project! o/
  13. Tonari no Danshi – what can I say? Another adorable Christmas oneshot ^_^
  14. Akuma to Dolce – chapter 9! Finally, Suzuji Julietta-sensei decided to draw one more chapter of this lovely series o/ But when will the next chapter come out? T^T
  15. Holiday – a very short oneshot from the author of Daydream World ^^
  16. Adarshan no Hanayome – chapter 5. Another chapter about our ten-year-old princess and her husband. Many thanks to Starry Heaven for their hard work to finish this chapter in time for our New Year release o/
  17. Kindan no Koi de Ikou – chapters 18-20 and volume 5 extra story! More smutty goodness from Ohmi Tomu-sensei~
  18. Hitomi kara Destiny – new oneshot from Tsukuba Sakura-sensei ^^ Guaranteed cuteness <3
  19. And as the last of our batch in the release spree, not one but TWO Midnight Secretary chapters! Both are SOOO cute! Now we just hope you guys don’t crash our server. Have mercy! XD

/edit: We’ve found enough proofreaders. Thanks for applying, everyone!

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😛 😉 😆
thank you for midnight seceatray~!!!

my friend is animation major and I know how much he spend time making and editing alot in many hours. I bet you guys too spend your free time doing that with the scan manga… editing and working more. I want to say thank you for working very hard for this site and new releases daily. Thank you very much!!! I hope you guys will have great year in 2009. :smile:

TWO CHAPTERS OF MS?! Thank you thank you! The extra chapter is cute! I love the cat!

OMG, thanks a lot for the MS! Dx OMG~ Two chapters~ Gah, you just made my day! <333 Thanks a lot! ;3

OMG omg omg omg omg!!! IM REALLY VERY SUPER OVER HAPPY!!! I dont know anymore how can I express my thank you to you guys!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE RELEASES especially the double release of MS!!! i love you all so much!!! xOxOxO

I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m really gonna die >””< I can’t say thanks any more b/c I’m dead but GUYSSS!!!! We Love You and I’m saying it for thousands of fans out there regardless of whether they know Aerandria or not. AAAAAHHHH You can’t let me get my stuff done and apply can’t you now that I have all these releases to drool over.

AAASAAAA-CHAAAN!!!! *hug* *kiss*

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