Zero no Soukoushi


Title: Zero no Soukoushi (0の奏香師)
Creator: Yuki Kaori (由貴香織里)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Kanade has an exceptionally acute sense of smell which allows him to detect even the faintest aromas in the air around him. Together with his French cousin Anais, he follows those scents all the way to the heart of the deepest and darkest mysteries.


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>.< awsome!!! I love kaori´s works!!! thank you so much :3 and great job, thanks for taking your time transalting (AND SCANLATING) this awsome serie!

Aaaah, Laca-sama!
I know your pain.
The whole time I was reading it, I kept hoping for a passionate love story as well!
But I too know how the evil, evil mangaka’s mind works, for she never realizes any of those empty hopes.


Thank you so very muh for taking your dear time to bring this wonderful one shot manga<3
Bliss you all<3

OMG thanks for the scans! You’re awesome!

I agree wholeheartedly with Sanedenial’s comment. Terrific job, as always. Thank you.

w0ot! just finished reading it!!!! Hahaha.. I thought this was an ongoing series! I didn’t notice the ‘complete’ status above.


*cracks up laughing at Laca-sama’s comments … *

thanks for the volume release! :)


Thank you sooo much aerandria!!!

been waiting for this too long!! thank you you all 😛 😛

Yuki Kaori, you never disappoint and nor do you, aerandria.

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