Yuru Koi


Yuru Koi
Title: Yuru Koi (ゆる恋)
Creator: Yoshino Aki (吉野阿貴)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Quitting her job, Suzu comes back to her hometown after six years. On her way back home, she fell into a hole, and was saved by Sou, the guy who dug that hole. Her first impression of him was horrible. But Suzu started to be attracted by this guy, who weaved his way into her heart before she realized it?!


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Thank you for the scanlation!

Thank you for the releases <3
This manga is awesome!

Whooaaa! I can’t believe it! Thanks you so much for what you have been doing. I love You’ll and Yoshino Aki! Now i’m really want to screammm…>_.

omg..you guys just totally made my day. love this mangaka and love your projects! thanks so much!! <3

This was a lovely and sweet story. Thank you so much for the excellent and professional-looking scans.

Thank you so much for stalking this mangaka. She’s amazing and so are you guys. keep up the hard work.

wonderful manga
and awesome job for scaning/translating
aerandria always does good jobs

sees this. *faints* *but revives again* THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK!!!!!!! awesome awesome awesome!! YOU ARE!! *faints again*

I nearly fainted in joy. Yoshino Aki is amazing and you are too~

I love Yoshino Aki sensei’s work!!! thanks for the releases!!!!! XD
all of you are awesome :D

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