Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa


Title: Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa (風の指輪と光の腕輪)
English Title: The Ring of Wind and the Bracelet of Light
Creator: Kawase Natsuna
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Our heroine is a girl who was born with magical power, and can give that power to magic users, since magic users don’t have power on their own. But her teacher sealed her power with a ring and a bracelet. She’s traveling to a sacred temple in order to take off the ring and the bracelet, and on the way, she meets two magic users who saves her from those who attempt to steal her money, her ring, and her bracelet. So even though she doesn’t really trust magic users, she still started traveling with them.. What fate awaits the trio?


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<3 This mangaka's work. Love this One shot, great job!!


This is so cute, I’m glad you guys picked it out and scanlated it!

I kinda wish the mangaka extended this into an actual series though.

yay thank you! this sounds good 😀 😀

That was sweet! :) Thanks for scanlating this! 😀

This was sooo cuteeee (:
Although I wish it was longer ~
Great work as always!

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