Yowaito Nikki


Yowaito Nikki
Title: Yowaito Nikki
Creator: Takayanagi Sankusu
Length: One Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , , ,

In a time when there were swords with spirits dwelling in them, there was a warrior named Hisui with a “Drunken Sword.” With the emperor ordering people to gather these Spirit Swords for him, Hisui spends his every day fighting assassins sent by the emperor and freelance Spirit Swords Hunters who simply want the reward money, all the while protecting his beloved childhood friend, Shirei. However, Shirei might not be what she seems to be…


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Comments (14)

I think this is the best short story i’ve ever read that includes sword fighting and romance. The ending was written in a way that could be likely termed as “and they lived happily ever after”
I really like it. reminds me of samurai X in someway. <3
i love how it was drew too, its amazing though some scenes are hard to understand. O_o
"✯✯✯✯✯" stars! XD

I like all the things in this story. This is a great one. I like it I like it!!!

I loved it. I wish it was longer.

I didn’t like the character designs too much, but really really love the story! Thanks for this great oneshot!

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