Yesterday, Yes a day


Yesterday, Yes a day
Title: Yesterday, Yes a day (いえすたでぃいえすあでぃ)
Creator: Iwamoto Nao
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

During the winter break of her first year in high school, Haruno Konegi’s childhood friend, Takiji, comes home to their village after pursuing his studies in Tokyo. Konegi, lonely from her mother being in the hospital, and Takiji, who is living away from his family, start spending time again together, just like in the old days. Just like friends, just like lovers, a wonderful diary of youth.


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Ahahaha, Tasya we all know you’re the same person as the one above you and you’ve made your point clear already ^_^ Anyways on topic with the manga it looks real cute by the looks of the cover 😀

i have this manga too, and sorry but this manga is soo boring :( sorry no offense

yeah I have this manga too and I stopped buying it caus this manga is sooooooooooooooooo boring.sorry no offense :(

Ooooo This looks good ^_^
can’t wait for it to come out 😀

The cover is oh so cute. Can’t wait to read this! ^_^

seems really cute!!! *smile*

I can’t wait to read this!!!!!! =D :mrgreen:

i have read this manga..and i think the story is confusing (or i may say boring, :sad: I’m sorry,that’s only in my opinion..)
i already bought the manga because of its cute cover but now i regretted it

Definetely going to be a worthwhile read!

Somehow, the title makes me laugh. XDD

When I compare the title to the cover image…I start to laugh uncontrollably, but the cover is really cute!

I’m going to read this too once it’s released!

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