Xia Ke Xing


Xia Ke Xing
Title: Xia Ke Xing (霞客行)
Creator: Jun Xiao
Length: 7 volumes
Status: Completed
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A scholar with absolutely no desire to study met a mysterious girl called ‘Miss Ugly’ who had no memories of her past. She resigned to fate that she was destined to be sacrificed to the Huang Deity, but the scholar was determined to save her.


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  • Volume 03 – In Translation

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I would love to help as a cleaner.I’m pretty experienced with photoshop and am willing to totally devote myself to complete the chapters before deadlines.
Have a nice day
P.S:I am new but am willing to learn

Hello! I would live to edit this manga and I know you want experienced translators, I could translate some stuff from Chinese to English as I am fluent in Chinese.

Hello! I would love to take on editing this piece of work. Though I am not formally trained in editing, I do love to write so grammar is very important to me. I have read plenty of manga and I have enough free time to get things done. I hope to hear from you!

Hello I’m Evelyn I’m 12 but I love mangas and I well like a job and I can edit any thing in English sorry I’m still try to learn jappens but if you accept I will do my best and make the best story with you pluse I read slot so I can have good idea even my friends so so please connect to me when you get the chance I wont let you down.

Thanks for picking this series up, I remember reading the first chapter years ago ^^ I’m abit confused from the transition of chapter 2 to 3 though..I was just wondering if there are a few chapters missing inbetween?

I would like to help edit any manga cause it’s fun I don’t mind.I would also like to help cause I have read many mangas and I have found many mistakes but the scantilated by your group has no mistakes and I want to help keep that up !!!!!

i totally am a shoujo manga worm and i would love to help……
for me dedicating help to anime /manga is totally blissful
if you think i am worthy do accept my help!!
waiting for your kind reply

I think i can translate Chinese to English pretty well,
I have alot of free time since it nearly summer.
I really want to try it out.
Thank you for reading this.

I think im a pretty good Editor:)
I have like a lot of free time.
I would love to help at any manga where help is needed.
I speak some Japanese too.
I’m waiting for an reply.
Hope to hear from you:D

Hello … i am a pretty good editor , i have a lot of freetime and i am a hard-working type of girl , i seen mangas and cause i wanted to help i’m writing this message. I’m waiting a reply or something .

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